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Video On Demand (multimedia Databases).

- - tv set receiver on Demand ( mul meterdia corpse selective information establishsIntroduction pictorial matter on Demand (VoD ) is an synergetic mul clipdia clay dodging governance organisation . The first harmonic surgery of its working is akin as that of cable television In this , the customer has the filling of dealing a movie from a openhanded tv entropybase and with comport mark off various courses as and when getd . It seems that the tv rental entropy processor repositing is get at home . Re hunting is going on to improve the type of VoD- link up operate . Some of the VoD-related applications argon providing photograph Films on Demand , local anesthetic crudes and Weather await , Games , music and Leisure , schooling and Remote Learning Facilities , stomach Shopping and opposite Consumer function , Banking etc . This transcription has three principal(prenominal) comp halenessnts . These atomic number 18Video innkeeper : it stores and provides access to programsData posey lucre : it is the linking source for subscriberSet-top case : It is the port wine between TV equipments and VoD servicesMPEG (Motion mental image Experts root ) is a separate of people who work for ISO (International Standards placement ) to generate digital moving picture mensurations i .e producing sequences of images in time and to generate strait condensate . Various kind of MPEG be ranked on the understructure of the speed (in CD-ROM discriminating study rates ) at which they deliver video to consumer devices . For spokesperson , the speed of MPEG-1 was 1 .5 Mbit /s , MPEG-2 with improved resolution deliver broadcast and HDTV fibre video . Over recent few geezerhood , a considerable growth in the multimedia communication has been restrain due to exponential erect in consumer demands . in that respect is a trend in all(a)owing customers to select films /video sequences remotely and make them streamed directly to the user per detail regardments . The multimedia industry aims at developing a informationbase organization , which enables flexible and efficient encyclopaedism , storage , access and recuperation , and distri only ifion and presentation of grand amounts of heterogeneous media selective informationTraditional relative infobase simulateA comparative infobase personate (R infobase solicitude system ) was proposed by Dr . E .F Codd in 1970 . It is dispassionate of several(prenominal) rows and columns , which argon interrelated . SQL (structured forefront comprehend ) is utilize as DDL ( entropy definition language ) and DML (selective information intervention language ) by RDBMS . away-of-pocket to introduction of SQL , users can well-situated migrate their entropybase applications between database brasss . Other emoluments of this system is that data stored in 2 or more(prenominal) than RDBMSs can be easy accessed without changing database sub-language ( SQL , rapid data access and adult storage subject . Failure of one affects only a single(a) program Some of the examples of this clay sculpture ar vaticinator (by Oracle tummy Microsoft get at (by Microsoft , and Sybase Inc . etc . It facilitates users and application developers with process and retrieval of large sensual heading within an SQL- base operating environment . The study disadvantages of use this system argon that it can non cope application argonas exchangeable spatial databases (eg CAD , involving images and exceptional type databases (eg interlacing meter , arrays . start out data s be created for each(prenominal) application , which results in data duplication , which conflicts with data integrity . RDBMSs such(prenominal)(prenominal) as the TERADATA .RTM system are very public save living RDBMSs are not appropriate to call large multimedia butts . There is no doubt that RDBMS database features and functions agree equally swell up to alphanumeric or multimedia data types but multimedia disapproves give rise to new semantics problems , and require new strategies for manipulating and sorry exceedingly large intentions . This could trap RDBMS computational capacity and the I /O capability of the computer implementing the RDBMS . Therefore , in to foil the limitations of relative Database illustration , a more advanced system has been incorporated- disapprove-Oriented Database examplelingObject-Oriented Database presentThe development of object-oriented system do it possible to represent reproduce objects and store binary subject matter such as images , video and audio . It is based on object-oriented programming language . This system is composed of Graphical exploiter Interface (GUI ) component objects , which enables the usance of complicated data visibly , while constructing and updating facilities data on the map . It plays an meaning(a) bureau in compound geomorphological and temporal aspects of different multimedia data (eg integer , corpo palpable and character strings combine with textual , ocular and audio information . It reduces the compoundity postulate to do it multimedia information , and is use for real time applications because it can scarper memory board beyond the operating systems testify virtual memory Access to data is faster as compared to comparative database because object retrieval can be do without a search , by following pointers Application data theoretical account and the database data model are directly related which , results in little create verbally in encipher , more natural data structures , and recrudesce brinytainability and reusability of code . Examples of Object-Oriented databases are Object Store ( HYPERLINK hypertext tape drive communications communications protocol / vane .progress .com weathervane .progress .com / real time ) and Versant VDS ( HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol /network .versant .com network .versant .com . However , Object-oriented database counsel systems are unpopular as they require a large expectant investment and are incompatible with existing RDBMSs . Further maintaining two separate data repositories in a RDBMS and an OODBMS is inconsistent with the database caution philosophy of maintaining a constrain consistent . In asset , it deficiencys mathematical primeation (as found in relational model . Object-oriented models lack in alike(p) approach consequently , they are hardly apprehensible by those designers who are not an expert of the used , precise tone . To avoid this problem , Object Data care throng has proposed a standard ODMG 1 .0 (revised to ODMG 2 .0 ) which is composed of object model , ODL (object define language , OQL (object research language ) and new(prenominal) object-oriented programming language . at any rate this , Object-oriented model is not massive acceptable because of scalability problems and it cannot stick out large-scale systemsObject relational Database Model (ORDBMSThe main aim of first appearance this model was to avail the benefits of two object-oriented and relational models . For example , acquire scalability and rich data types , both(prenominal) in the aforesaid(prenominal) system . It has been developed by internalisation of the object-oriented features in the relational database model some data are stored in tables and some as precis data types (ADTs . The focusing of traditional fielded data , interlocking objects such as time-series and geospatial data and various(a) binary media such as audio , video , images , and applets are integrated under such a system The valuable features of ORDBMS are base data type extension , stand complex objects , inheritance and command systems . For example , it gives student indistinguishability by his first divulge , last name , awaken up , major , address father s name , localization principle and count on . The authoritative examples of ORDBMS are Oracle8 (from Oracle federation ) and Universal database (UDB , from IBM . Oracle8 can manage large amount of information and very large databases (hundreds of gigabytes . These qualities are required by traders to encounter trends on contain data . The most important deed of ORDBMSs is their massive scalability . The database foodstuff is conquered by its feature like large storage capacity , exalted access speed and usage power of object databases . dandy-tempered , there are umpteen spheres in which ORDBMS lacks fucking such as high-speed web applications . Nevertheless(prenominal) , the bide from Data footing Management system vendors learn that these drawbacks go forth be overcome and ORDBMS will perform the merchandise attractor in next three years . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
As per the results of database market , IDC (International Data Corporation ) has given the same opinionRDBMS vs ODBMS vs ORDBMSThe data model used in RDBMS is SQL2 , ODBMS is ODMG-2 .0 and in ORDBMS SQL3 is used . Object-oriented features are extensively brave out by ODBMS , limited by ORDBMS and not at all by RDBMS . Relational model does not support abstract data types and object model supports complex relationships but both the data types are support by object relational model . The advantages of relational model is its dependence on SQL , it has quiet naive ask optimization and therefore gives well(p) performance and has good market record , those of object model is its ability to handle all types of complex applications , reusability of code and less coding but the market reputation is extremely unretentive . Ability to interrogate and handle large complex applications is the advantage of object relational model , which makes it a market leaderConclusionDr . Michael Stonebraker , captain engine room officer of Informix bundle in his Object-Relational DBMS : The coterminous Wave has categorize the DBMS applications which are : simple data without interrogative ( it corresponds to Relational DBMSs , simple data with inquiry ( corresponds to Object-Oriented DBMSs , complex data without query ( corresponds to object-Relational DBMS , and complex data with query ( corresponds to Universal server , developed by InformixStonebraker has in addition predicted that applications from Relational DBMSs (simple data with query ) will slowly act as towards the Object-Relational DBMSs (complex data with queryBIBLIOGRAPHYReferred to the sitesHYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol / entanglement-itec .uni-klu .ac .at harald /preface .pdf hypertext transfer protocol / entanglement-itec .uni-klu .ac .at harald /preface .pdf- Enhancement of process Efficiency in multimedia system Database Management Systems and Video Servers support by the Use of Meta-DataWritten by Dr . Dip . Inf . Harald KOSCHhttp / web-itec .uni-klu .ac .at harald /mmbook /sample .pdf- Distributed multimedia system Database Technologies supported by MPEG-7 and MPEG-21Written by Herald Kosch , associate professor- University KlagenfurtHYPERLINK http / vane .infosys .com /industries /media-entertainment /studios-network /w hite-s /video-on-demand .pdf http / vane .infosys .com /industries /media-entertainment /studios-network /wh ite-s /video-on-demand .pdf- Distributed Video-on-Demand-A power system based VoD solutionAssembled by storage-battery grid Computing Focus Group , Software Engineering and Technology LabsHYPERLINK http / vane .doc .ic .ac .uk nd /surprise_95 /journal /vol4 /shr / announce .html http /network .doc .ic .ac .uk nd /surprise_95 /journal /vol4 /shr /report .html- Video on DemandCompiled by Harindra Rajapakshe and Derek capital of Minnesota Quek , June 1995HYPERLINK http / vane .sabah .gov .my /info /itmp /techre /chap9 .html http / entanglement .sabah .gov .my /info /itmp /techre /chap9 .htmlChapter 9 . emerge DIRECTIONS- Object Relational DatabaseHYPERLINK http /www .dbmsmag .com /9609d16 .html http /www .dbmsmag .com /9609d16 .html- Objects Meet DataBy David S . LinthicumDBMS , September 1996HYPERLINK http /www .tech-faq .com /relational-database .shtml http /www .tech-faq .com /relational-database .shtml- What is a relational databaseHYPERLINK http /dabbledb .com ? consult adwords .commons gclid CJPD6_WBmo0CFRFoYAodoh FH3A http /dabbledb .com ?refer adwords .commons gclid CJPD6_WBmo0CFRFoYAodohF H3A- Method and tool for extending a relational database management system using a federated coordinatorUS Patent Issued on HYPERLINK http /www .patentstorm .us /patents-by-date /1999 /0216-1 .html February 16 , 1999http /www .smccd .net /accounts /dorsett /PowerPoint /chap03 .ppt 302 ,1 ,Slide 1HYPERLINK http /www .acm .org /crossroads /xrds7-3 /ordbms .html http /www .acm .org /crossroads /xrds7-3 /ordbms .html- Object-Relational Database Systems - The Road AheadBy HYPERLINK http /www .acm .org /crossroads /crew /ramakanth_devarakonda .html Ramakanth S . DevarakondaHYPERLINK http /www .answers .com http /www .answers .com- object-databaseCat- technologyDated 9th July 2007PAGEPAGE 7 ...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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