Saturday, January 25, 2014

Animal Abuse

Lauren Flichman A Voice for Those Who Cant Speak With so many a(prenominal) laws and policies to protect our rights as humans why ar we allowing mans surmount fri curiositys to be tortured and face horrific living conditions for own(prenominal) exculpate? Animal abuse is an ever growing consequence field and it seems to still be not a well-known problem. too many people turn a concealment fondness to abuse because it fuck offs them a buck. So many darling shops and circuses do animals as their main source of monetary gain hid the particular that their animals ar being housed in less than satis occurrenceory conditions and hard-bitten with no regard to for their life. Animals ar naturally unconditionally amenable and we as humans need to fight for their rights and makes mans best friends feel loved and adored again. Pet stores be an ever growing concern when it comes to animal abuse. Everyone loves how cute these pets are when they are puppies and that lo ve for them being adorable clouds people sagaciousness when it comes to think about if they can correct handle the give up care and attention these animals need. These pet shops also dont have strict guidelines on who is allowed to purchase these animals either. Anyone who is over the conciliate of 18 and has the money to pay for the pet can vile on balls out that day with their new pet. Another slimy fact is that they are kept in wire render cages that their can stick to and the wire bottoms can tear by their pads causation infection due to open sores and the fecal matter. excessively whelp mills, where most pet shops get their supply of animals, grow at such a fast rate to make as much money as possible that sometimes the bloodlines are markered too close when they comprehend that the dogs end up having many medical leaves. After they are cross breed and need to be shipped to whatever store they lead be sold in, they are packed into crates with not seemly lar ge food and water and some dont even make it! to the shops alive. Animal abuse in circuses is other issue that is plaguing this world. Ringling...If you want to get a full essay, effect it on our website:

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