Thursday, January 26, 2017

Analysis of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

In the spend of 2013, the fool that took the nation by storm, Blurred Lines, by robin redbreast Thicke, could be heard on what seemed to be al close to both radio station in America. Its indeterminate lyrics and catchy gentle wind made it easy to pray your toe and maybe even so join in a couple hey hey heys  with Pharrell Williams. The video is virtually 3.5 million hits on Youtube. It was the build one song for xvi weeks in a row, (a novel immortalise for Billboard.) And it had over cinque million downloads (legally) in its foremost thirty weeks. It was obviously a favorite-- a song to decide a summer. Yet this presented a problem much bigger than the song itself; although its popularity was through the roof, the lyrics ar among some of the more(prenominal) green phrases that argon said to disgrace victims (Info from Project Unbreakable). These seemingly nontoxic words are a perpetuation of the Rape civilization that is becoming more and more prevalent today; and the sufferance of this song, and others like it, just goes to give how oblivious most plenty are to the vulgarity of what we learn to. \nThe song Blurred Lines (by redbreast Thicke, featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I.) debuted in March of 2013, and hit its peak later that summer. Since that judgment of conviction it has become one of the most controversial songs of the decade. While it was nominative for three Grammy Awards that year, Robin Thicke in addition took home the title of sexist of the Year from the End rage Against Women Coalition. Thickes MTV Video Music Awards transaction of the song with Miley Cyrus was the most Tweeted about event in history, drag in a record 360,000 tweets per minute. Its raunchy and inappropriate genius was a shock to umteen who saw the performance, and for those who missed it in that respect were videos and pictures readily available on the internet within a couple hours. Overall there was a very motley reception to the song, b ut by taking a nigher look at the lyrics themselves we are able to see that those citizenry who w...

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