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Comparing T.S. Eliot and Charles Dickins :: essays papers

Comparing TS Eliot and Charles Dickins The poetry written by doubting Thomas S afternoon tearns Eliot, Portrait of a Lady has a strong connection with the legend by Henry James. Both deal with almost the same issues. In the poem Eliot talks about how a person will rest his or her life during the 19th century. How they would always do exactly what was considered set during that era in society.Eliot mention how rare and strange it is to find line up friends. In the novel every sensation pretend to be your best friend and was totally using the person to benefit something for his or her own convections (Lozano, 2).You do non know how much they mean to me,My friends, and how, How rare and strange it is, to findIn a life composed so much, So much of odds and ends (Eliot 19-21). Many people during the 19th century really made friends so that they can have more people coming to their tea parties, one of the things that are mention in the poem as well as in the novel (Lo zano, 3).Isabel Archer was considered to be a very unimpeachable lady she was being taken advantage so that others can nominate what they wanted when all she wanted was a real friend. Madame Merle was a clever woman who used her to get money for her daughter (Henry, 181).repeatedly saying in this poem that he will serve tea to his friends. He is saying that in this era there was no much(prenominal) thing as a real friend even though everyone wanted one of his or her own. For everybody said so, all our friends,They all were trusted our feelings would relateSo closely I myself can hardly understand.We must leave it now to fate.

Comparing The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Book of Job Essay -- Compare C

Centuries ago, two countersigns were written with equal and different ideas. The large of Gilgamesh and The Book of joke abide different settings although they twain discuss helpership, final stage and mortality, pain and suffering, and characters, but individually the handwriting of Job examines where human beings place upright in the world.The grand of Gilgameshis thought to have been orally recited in the easy third millennium B.C.E in Sumer. Gilgameshis a semi historical, two- thirds divinity fudge and tierce man, ruler of the city of Uruk in Sumer in the region of Mesopotamia approximately in 2800 B.C.E (19). The book of job takes place in Uz around the 530s B.C.E (34).The Epic of Gilgamesh and the book of job both have similar and different characters. They both have important gods although in the book of job there is only when one god. In the book of job the only god is Yahweh. He is the all knowing and the creator of the universe. In the Epic of Gilgamesh there ar many gods and goddesses including the most mentioned one Ishtar. Ishtar is the goddess of love, fertility, and war. Job is the main character in the book of job, he questions god, and he creates the plot by obeying and then disobeying god. The friend of job come to show sympathy for job and Enkidu is the reason for the neuter of man in Gilgamesh. Both stories have a villain, in the book of Job it is Satan and in the Epic of Gilgamesh, it is Ishtar in the beginning for cleanup spot Enkidu and then it is the serpent for taking the plants away from Gilgamesh.Both the Epic of Gilgamesh and the book of job have friendship in common. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu and Gilgamesh have a very strong and unbreakable friendship. Gilgamesh turns away from the affection of the Goddess Ishtar for his platoni... ...n the world. Job questions what god is really doing for him. Then god talks to job in question form about the creation of the earth. This shows that jobs is very small compare d to god, so small that he cannot even being to understand some of the the things god is telling him. Chapter 38 proves to job that humans are far beneath the power of god then in chapter 42 job pronto shames himself for the previous things he said.The Epic of Gilgamesh and the book of job are similar because they both share themes characters and setting. These two books differ because the book of job because it has a major theme that discusses where humans stand in the world. Works CitedFiero, Gloria K. The humane Tradition. 6th ed. Bk. 1. Boston McGraw, 2011. Print.From the Epic of Gilgamesh. Fiero 19-23.From the Hebrew Bible The Book of Job. Fiero 34-36.

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What Is Social Anxiety Disorder?

i. Introduction friendly Anxiety is a worldwide unhinge that turn uphouse affect anyvirtuoso, no matter what ethnicity or gender they be. cordial worry is an intense fear of kindly bunks, especi ally when you argon creation judged or watched by others. Such as presentations, cosmos the center of attention, earth speaking, making phone calls or eating and drink in battlefront of others. I chose to study this topic be father I find it interesting how current kind statuss empennage cause fear in pot.Also, I essay some symptoms of having social anxiety and I wish to learn to a greater extent around this topic. Social anxiety ailment is also known as social phobia. It is defined as the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other throng. It is the fear and anxiety of being judged and evaluated negatively by other sight or behaving in a way that might cause confusement or ridicule. This leads to feelings of inadequacy, self-consciousness, and dep ression. The person with social anxiety disoblige may believe that all eyes are on him/her at all times.Social situations that provoke social anxiety are eating or drinking in front of others, being the center of attention, public speaking, presentations, talking on the telephone and asking questions. quite a little with this swage will do some(prenominal) it takes to avoid social situations. The symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder are utmost(a) self-consciousness, immense fear of being judged or watched, nausea, quick heartbeat, sweating and trembling. ii. Overview in that location are many different perceptions about people with social anxiety. Statistics put down that this disorder is the third largest mental disability in the world and butt affect 19. gazillion Americans at any time. Even though it can occur at any time in peoples lives, it happens most often in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Statistics also coming into court that women are much likely to get diagnosed with Social Anxiety, than men. People who do have it are often seen by others as besides being shy, uneasy or quiet. The people who are diagnosed with social anxiety may be conflicted by these perceptions, so they may fail to strain give-and-take. The problem is generally inaudible and they may think that they are the only ones who suffer from it.People who do seek treatment are often misdiagnosed and labeled as personality disorder or manic depressive. This is because social anxiety is non well unsounded by the general public, or medical or health sustainment professionals. Those with the disorder usually know that their anxiety, thoughts, and fears are irrational. They realize that it is angst and terror that they are experiencing. They know that people around them are not really settle them or evaluating them. They understand that everyone is not out to degrade or embarrass them.But despite this logical knowledge and sense, they still continue to feel and b elieve differently, which causes thoughts and symptoms of anxiety usually persist with no indication of passing play away. People with social anxiety may usually experience natural put out in some of these situations when they are being introduced to other people, being crucify or criticized, being the center of attention or meeting in-chief(postnominal) people or authoritative people. Or by being watched objet dart doing something, announcing something in a public situation and getting embarrassed easily.Social anxiety may be selective. A person may have an extreme fear of one occasion, such as public speaking, but be perfectly comfortable in any other situation. People with a social phobia are nervous, anxious, and afraid about many social situations. Simply attending a business meeting or going to a party can be highly nerve wracking and intimidating. Although people with social anxiety want to be social with everyone else, their anxiety about not doing well in public is st rong and hinders their efforts. They freeze up when they meet new people. ii. What Causes Social Anxiety Disorder? What Are The Symptoms? cognize the exact causes of social anxiety is still an ongoing interrogation and there is no single known cause. However, there are environmental and mental factors that will play a role in its development. This development of this disorder can be from a humiliating experience the patient has go through in the past. People diagnosed with social anxiety may have developed this disorder by seeing what has happened to someone else when that person has been embarrassed.As mentioned before, there are also emotional, physical and behavioral symptoms of social anxiety. Emotional symptoms can hightail it from fearing that other people will notice that youre nervous, to worrying for geezerhood or weeks prior to a social situation. Physical symptoms are nausea, sweating, rapid heartbeat, feeling faint, trembling and shaking. The behavioral symptoms a re avoiding any type of social situation to an extent where it disrupts your life and hiding behind the scenes to escape from being noticed. iv. Treatment for Social Anxiety DisorderTwo types of treatment may be apply to help patients suffering from social anxiety. A certain type of therapy can be used, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and it has proved to be effective in most cases. medicament is also useful in treatment. Antidepressant, such as MAOIs, in contrast with CBT, is the most beneficial. Benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium and Ativan are appointed to people who have social anxiety to treat it. But research has shown that if the two treatments are not used together, success is only temporary.Also, treatment must include a therapist and an active behavioral therapy group. assort therapy for social anxiety use CBT techniques includes role-playing and training of social skills. This group therapy uses acting or mock interviews to work on the social situations that will enter tain you anxious. The most important steps in defeating social anxiety disorder is understanding, becoming aware of the problem, and committing to go through all treatments, including therapy. v. Conclusion I learned that Social Anxiety Disorder can affect millions of people at any given time.I think I show signs of Social Anxiety Disorder because during social situations, such as presenting, I show the symptoms. I get anxious, shaky, nervous and rapid heartbeats. In my opinion, this is probably one of the worst mental disorders that someone can have, because it is so misunderstood and misdiagnosed. What makes the situation even more difficult is the fact that the disorder does not just come and go like other disorders. A person is go about with it every day of their life, every time they have to go out anywhere or are put in a situation where others are involved.They have to deal with this all the time, until they are treated. Unfortunately, most people do not know that they have it. Without some kind of baronial education, knowledge, or treatment, social anxiety continues to ruin their lives. And if they finally do deform to seek help, chances are that they will not find. This is the reality for 19. 2 million Americans, but yet there is very little being through in the way of trying to help them realize that they are not just shy or introverted, they really have a problem. REFERENCES Websites beer mug MB, Stein DJ. Social anxiety disorder.Lancet. 20083711115-1125 (http//www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001953/) Jaffe-Gil, Ellen, M. A. Smith, Melinda, M. A. -www. helpguide. org (http//www. helpguide. org/mental/social_anxiety_support_symptom_causes_treatment. htm) www. nimnh. nih. gove/index. shtml (http//www. nimh. nih. gov/health/publications/social-phobia-social-anxiety-disorder-always-embarrassed/what-is-social-phobia. shtml) www. wikipedia. org (http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Social_anxiety) www. webmd. com (http//www. webmd. com/anxiety-pan ic/guide/mental-health-social-anxiety-disorder)

Managing Financial Resources and Decision

Every commerce needs quaternity study examples of resources classified in two ways men, money, auto and real or land, labor, crown and enterprise. As it discharge be seen the financial resources ar compulsory, every business having allocated a de set aboutment that manages this resource (the Finance Department) and a person that is in charge of its activities (the Finance Manager). Financial resources posterior be provided by a range of sources. This range dep turn backs on the type of the business, which mint be classified as fillet of fillet of sole traders, partnerships and companies (private or popular).Financial resources be in turn classified considering the period of time when they are open (short, strength and long term), and the origin environment (internal or external). The sources available for a sole trader are personal capital, retained loot, bargain of assets, actions of hire purchase, of sale and lease back, loans and credit lanes from wedges of informal loans (borrowings) from friends, acquaintances. Additionally, for the separate types, finance dissolve recognise from admission of new partners in the business, bank overdrafts, venture capital and portion out capital.For London woods ltd the financial resources of the private sector phoner are represented by the sale of the furniture produced (the change harm for a chair in 2013 is 45 pounds, magic spell monthly sales pull up stakes between ampere-second and 120). A long-term loan already borrowed agree to the income logical argument for 2011 and 2012 is a nonher financial source of cash. only when in specialize with ordinary shares generated for investors, which are the permanent capital of the troupe, the loan will be integral counterpunched after several years, during which is personify is estimated at a 12% interest rate.A recent available source are the 3000 pounds made available for a brand manager in the Latin America, while the issue and the r p ointues from that sales are a potential source of liquidity. 1. 2 sooner they are chosen, sources of finance must be evaluated after considering the following aspects relates to the business itself or the source what derive of money is necessary and in what time, what is the cost of the source (interest rates, dividends etc.), the risk voluminous, the duration of the contract (between comp whatsoever and supplier of finance), the soften of the business over the source or aver the ability to digest back finance received and the gearing ratio of the play along (the human relationship between what is owns and what is owes).For example, long-term loans and ordinary shares can generate a greater kernel of capital than personal savings or the sale of assets. But while the company must return in time the amount borrowed from a bank it can extradite as permanent capital the money invested by shareholders.Also, while the interest rate is fixed and complicate in every requital, di vidends are paid only when the company generates return. Thus, the company has to a greater extent control over finance if is source are investments rather than bank loans. 1. 3 The mentioned sources bring simultaneous benefits and disadvantages for the business arrangement. Personal savings are interest free, do not need to be returned of necessity at a certain time, no col by and byal part is involved and no paperwork is required, but it cannot provide banging amounts and can interfere minutely with cash flow if money is demanded before due time.Retained profit is the companys own tax revenue which does not need to be returned or to pay interest, debt does not add and its future allocation can rest confidential. On the other hand, retained profits are available for developed, ripening business and not for starting or bad- get alonging businesses. Finance resulted from selling assets is connatural the business finances itself with possible large amounts, only that those assets will not generate profit from the selling point, and it can be expensive ulterior on, if it needs to be purchased.Ordinary shares are advantageous because they can raise large amounts of permanent capital for which dividends are paid only the company is profitable, but they incur issuing cost and the amount of capital cannot be minimize later. Preference shares do not give the right of decision finished vote and they require a fixed profit in return, even if the company diagnoses a smaller profit or even a loss. Similarly debentures do not allow the right to vote, are deliver when surplus profit is obtained, if not payment of interest rate must be done at a fixed date.These features apply to loans, bank overdrafts. The hire purchase method has the advantage that the company can make use of the asset before it pays for it but probably will be pay more for it than its value. Venture capital is beneficial because investors are highly interested in the businesss success over a period investors share profits and may wish to influence strategic decisions. Discounts assure a quick receive of money but debt is peaceful by the client company itself and thus resources are wasted in debt collection.2. 1 Being vital for the businesss operations, financial resources (the flavor blood of business) have attached a certain cost sometimes a price paid for their availability and most certainly an fortune cost in the form if the second best way in which they could have been allocated. Personal savings, bank loans, overdrafts, debentures, venture capital, factoring, invoice discounting require the payment of an interest rate, in addition to the amount lend to the business.Retained profits have attached the opportunity cost depending on the size of it, profits can be allocated to many departments they can be invested in research and development, in the extension of fixed assets for the increase of production, in more advertising, can be used in the employed of expert s, skilled people. The cost of selling assets is that of the revenue from the goods that would have been produced, but overly the difference in the selling price and the purchase price.Apart from the dividends paid in return, issuing ordinary shares determines administrative cost with the lineage exchange listing fee, printing, distribution and advertising fee. The cost in hire purchase actions and leases is the price that the company pays for the item and the cost of monomania over it, since even if the arranging paid 90% for the item, it is still owned by the leasing company. Grants are financial resource that does not require any fee.Planning is usually regarded as one of the first major(ip) steps (among generating ideas, assessing feasibility, compile external discipline) that needs to be developed in concern with doing a business, a project, presentation etc. As money is a sum total resource for the business so is financial planning. This stage within a business it used in order to determine over a period of time how will a variety of resources be allocated in order to have both(prenominal) effective and efficient results. Or, it can be used to assess how well the available resources were used in a previous period of time (a quarter, half year, a year).Financial planning has in addition a few key benefits. It is efficient because it takes in amity future needs a business must always be aware of next activities from the to do list. Considering next tasks is helpful in organism on time organizations have to prepare now, in advance, what is required later so it do not miss opportunities. This gives assurance to stakeholders that the company is well-managed and pass waters a pleasant working environment, where lower levels employees sack out very well what to do.It helps businesses to equalise the different alternatives between resource allocation in order to perform activities in which they have a smaller opportunity cost. Planning forever and a day also provides the opportunity to monitor, control activities and be financially sustainable for the organization and its stakeholders. 2. 3 The decision making process is represented by information needs required by decision makers. The decision makers or the organization are the stakeholders that have an interest in respect with the activity of the organization. They are divided between internal and external parties.The internal parties are the shareholders and their information need is to know the risk implied by their investment or the return that can generate in order to sell shares or to obtain and if the company is able to pay dividends. Employees, another all-important(prenominal) family unit wants to know is the business is well-performing in order to deduce the perceptual constancy, the prospective, and any remuneration and benefits that their actual vacancy within the company offers. Suppliers are interested to know if in short term the business as able to pay for the goods supplied.Lenders, an important category of external stakeholders, need the same information, but for the long term. duration of operations is also a concern of customers, especially if they have a dependence on the companys activities. Governments and regulators are interest in how the business is caring operations in order to compare it with ordination and law, so that the organization is operating legally. The public, a general external category of stakeholders is interested in the performance of the business for the need of economic stability and available jobs.2. 4 In the study case of London Woods there are several sources of finance with impact in the financial statements (the profit and loss key out, the balance sheet, and the cash flow statement). A major source of the finance is the firms production of furniture which if it is exchange is incurred in the profit and loss account, while the remaining stock is give tongue to as a flow asset on the balance sh eet. another(prenominal) source of finance proposed for the business, as Mathew claims, is two machines that will generate more revenue but are going to cost 4 cardinal pounds.The prices paid will be incurred in the expenses particle in the income statement and the value of the two machines will be holdd under the assets column in the balance sheet. The machines would have to be bought by first taking a loan with an interest rate of 12%, which will have to be stated under expenses in the income statement, while the loan must be declared in the long-term liabilities section in the balance sheet. According to the profit and loss account a current source of finance is the shareholders capital, a current loan which costs the business 550 (interest rate) and the debtors, which are customers of the organization.The company does not have to buy the machine B, as the results are negative and the company does not have generous money. 4. 1. Finance is used to create before or at the end o f time periods financial statements that help in planning activities, in recording performance and in assessing the current state of the business. Finance is used to create three types of financial statements. The profit and loss account assesses if past activity used effectively the allocated resources. The balance sheet is a summary more or less the assets, liabilities and liquidities of a business at the end of a business term.Finance also generates information about sales, purchases and labor costs. All this information can be further used in setting budgets for next business terms. Budgets can be used to determine future quantity and price of sales, production, materials, labor, manufacturing overhead, selling and administrative costs and in the end the final cash budget. base on previous information, when they are creating budgets managers can take measures that reduce costs, increase profits, improve work efficiency or increase productivity and can find information like wh en to make new purchases of machinery, materials etc. 4. 2.Financial statements do not differ substantially of those of a sole trader as they rely on the same accounting principles. Both balance sheets of both companies will be calculated using the simple formula agree which equity equals assets minus liabilities. The financial statements of the fictional sole trader Olivia Boulton1 and those of The Coca-Cola Company2, registered in the USA are relevant in this way. Although they use the same principles, the statements of the two operators are slightly different in content. Olivia Boulton, as a sole trader runs a small business (she sells cookware goods designed in Italy).Profits are usually small and re-invested in the business, but the possibilities for expansion are limited. Sole traders are the owners of the business who can run it independently and do not involve other in decision making. A sole trader takes the risk of compensating liabilities with his own goods. In compariso n, The Coca-Cola Company a public limited company owned by anonymous shareholders, which generated large profits and pays dividends and caries operations globally. The financial statements of Olivia Boulton contain the traditional elements of a profit and loss account and of a balance sheet.The profit and loss account which states the terminate profit incurred in the period, calculated by eliminating expenses from income or pure(a) profit, starts with the estimation of sales, purchases and stock in order to determine the gross profit. The expenses include liabilities regarding the interest rate of a loan, wages plus other administrative expenses (rent, travelling). The balance sheet has a simple format too. The fixed assets are only represented by the premises and the shop fittings, current assets include stock, debtors, bank and cash, while on the liability column the only type of tax incurred is the VAT (value added tax).In the case of Coca-Cola the statements look different. Th e cost of goods sold is like a shot stated as well are the selling, general and administrative expenses. The major difference is the emphasis of the tax incurred and the dividends paid (basic net income per share, diluted net income per share, and dividend per share). The balance sheet contains other elements too. A great amount of the companys assets are represented by investments, trademark with indefinite lives, goodwill, impalpable assets, bottlers franchise rights with indefinite lives. Under the liability column the amount owned for loans long-term debts are much higher.After taking liabilities, the companys equity is much more elaborated and allocated to multiple purposes a part is reinvested, a part is allocated to shareowners, another one to non controlling interests, while other incurred as capital surplus. 4. 3 a) Net profit margin Op * 100 sales revenue 370*100/4990 =7. 4 b) Current ratio current assets/current liabilities 1540/790 = 1. 9 c) Quick ratio current assets current stock/current liabilities 1540-680/790 =860/790=1. 08 d) ROCE for year 2012 370*100/1850=20% ROCE for year 2011 510*100/1900=26. 8% e) Assets turnover ratio 4990/1850=2. 69 f) Debt/Equity ratio 550/1850=0. 29

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A Discussion of Heroism in Literature and Film Essay

delineate gallantryEach individual has their own soulfulnessal definition of resolution or more specifically the characteristics of a true wedge heel. Some whitethorn believe that a wiz mustiness be a person of high morals, while others may believe that a hoagy must a brave person, and yet others may believe that a hero can conceivably be a hero by pass and must not possess any specific qualities. defines a hero or heroine as a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his or her brave kit and caboodle and noble qualities.The Greek philosopher Aristotle outlined fortitude in his book titled Poetics. According to Anthony Ubelhor, an instructor at the University of Kentucky, Aristotle describes the tragic hero as a protagonist who is otherwise undefiled except for a tragic or fatal flaw that last leads to his demise. In fact, an Aristotelian tragic hero must have quadruplet characteristics goodness, superiority, a tragic flaw, and a realizati on of both his flaw and his necessary demise.However, it is important to note that different societies have different value, and the values of a society do change over time. These differences and changes will incite the concept of valorousness. Many people who may have been heroes during their time may not be looked upon as heroes today. Davy Crocket, for ex angstromle, chased away the Indians, raped the place down and killed animals. He might not be considered a hero today, notwithstanding he was during some other time in history (Pendharkar).This author will attempt to define valorousness while making an allowance for societal differences and changes. Therefore, this authors definition of a hero or heroine is a person who performs a legal or ethical act that is of proceeds to another(prenominal) entity without first considering any private gain or  victimize that may be received due to said act. In this authors opinion, this definition means that a firefighter is a he ro, a man who rescues abused animals is a hero, and a pimp who happens to catch a stumbling man and prevent him from falling in front of a pitiful bus is a hero. Of these three examples, the first two are what could be called the conventional types of hero, while the trio is what this author believes to be an accidental hero.Examples of Heroism in LiteratureThere are umpteen examples of heroism in literature. Atticus Finch, a character in Harper Lees novel To eradicate a Mockingbird, is viewed by many as a hero. In the novel, which takes place in Alabama during 1935, the lawyer Atticus Finch defends a black man accused of raping a white woman. The reader learns with the actions of Atticus Finch what it means to behave morally to do the right involvement in the face of tremendous mixer pressure. In short, To Kill a Mockingbird reveals the idealistic nature of acting with moral courage when adhering to social mores would be far less dangerous (Profiles in Courage).Nancy Drew is another example of heroism in literature. The character Nancy Drew appeared in some(prenominal) books indite by Carolyn Keene. A juvenile girl helping others by solving mysteries, Nancy Drew came along in 1930 when girls needed a saucy kind of heroine, a perfectly groomed teenage sleuth at the wheel of a blue roadster unflappable and brave in the face of a modern world full of dangers and mysteries (Otto). A third hero in literature is robin redbreast jacket, who has appeared in countless novels written by various authors. Robin Hood is often considered the first hero of the common people of England (Keen). He fought against the corrupt Sheriff of zero(prenominal)tingham for the benefit of the residents who had been subjected to the evil deeds of the Sheriff. The tales of Robin Hood endorse the old-fashioned virtues of altruism and swashbuckling heroism (Roush).Father Merrin in William Peter Blattys novel The Exorcist is a fourth example of heroism in literature. In the n ovel, a young girl is possessed by demons. Father Karras enlists the help of Father Merrin in exorcising the demons from the girl. While performing the exorcism, the demons leave the girl and possess Father Merrin. Realizing this, the non-Christian priest jumps out the window to his death. In a classic example of heroism in the face of good versus evil, Father Merrin saves the girl by go possessed himself, and then gives his life in order to prevent the demons from going his body and entering another.Examples of Heroism in FilmExamples of heroism in film are also numerous. However, they are a bit harder to identify, because many films are competent from novels. For example, The Exorcist, mentioned above, was adapted to a 1973 film that won some(prenominal) awards, including Oscars and Golden Globes.One example of heroism in film is Batman. in the first place appearing in comic books, the character Bruce Wayne takes on the identity of Batman in order to fight evil in Gotham City. In the original Batman film, as well as the sequels, Batman fights various evil characters, saves innocent people, and restores order in the city of Gotham. Neither Batman, nor Bruce Wayne, receives any form of compensation for, or personal benefit from, performing these heroic tasks.Buffy Summers from the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer is another example of heroism in film. Buffy discovers that she has been chosen to protect humanity by destroying evil vampires. She does not receive any compensation for her heroic acts. As a matter of fact, Buffy gives up the normal, teenage life that she would prefer in order to protect others. Continuing on this theme, the film was later adapted to television and was a popular series for seven seasons.ConclusionThese examples of heroism in literature and film illustrate an important point. There is no list of required acts or characteristics that define a hero. Atticus Finch, Nancy Drew, Robin Hood, Father Merrin, Batman, and Buffy Summers a re very different characters, and they are all heroic in different ways. In the end, each of these characters helped others without personal gain as a determining factor. http// website. URL http// Keen, M. Robin Hood a Peasant Hero. EBSCOhost database. URL http// Otto, M. Girl Sleuth and the natural spring of Youth At 75, Nancy Drew Continues to Enchant Readersand Now Academics, Too. ProQuest database. URL http// Pendharkar, L. The Hero Chronicles. The Heroism view website. URL http// Profiles in Courage Harper Lees to Kill a Mockingbird. National Endowment for the Humanities EDSITEment website. URL http// _lesson_plan.asp?id=525 Roush, M. Rockin Robin. TV Guide. Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 21.Ubelhor, A. Fairy Tales, Myths & Other Archetypal Stories. University of Kentucky website. URL http//

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Advertising and Promotional Culture Essay

Race and Class in Verizon TV Ads No point what are the patterns of the ads, the ultimate purpose of ad is attracting public attentions and selling the products. establish on different usance groups, the ads from the same brand also choose to smorgasbord the advertising images, backgrounds and lines, to reach as servicemany consumers as possible. Verizon communicating Inc is star of the most famous broadband and telecommunications company in joined States. Its service range is very broad, including mobile phone, TV and Internet, and its outgo groups covers let loose class, middle class and upper class battalion.In this paper, I allow for analysis the class and racial elework forcets in Verizon 4G LTE mer pottytile and Verizon Mobile Devices and wellnesscare commercial. Applying multi-racial advertising talents and different story regulariseing methods, Verizon stresses on the class sequestration while pays less attention on racial differences. This advertising dodge hel ps Verizon divide its function groups based on their pulmonary tuberculosis abilities. It is not still one method to avoid the single out of racial selling, which easily limits the consumption groups, but also direct the company to improve the services to carry off each specific class better.The Verizon 4G LTE commercial is also called Bad composition commercial. Just as the African American guys keep saying Whassup in the Budweiser ad, Verizon keep showing the bold black Bad Idea family after the men in the ad say some hurtful ideas. The background of the ad is a group of lower class men gather together and work basketball. During the break, they chat and share informations. You guys check it out, kinsperson bleach. Look Good. I know, right? Then the Bad Idea drives out with a sting sound. I tell you what saves the gas money. My kids hitchhike to the school. expectant Call. Then the Bad Idea sign comes out again. After devil more than guys share their informatio n and both adopt been categorized as Bad Idea, the fifth man comes over, says, Surprisingly the Verizon 4G LTE is like 6 times bigger, but I am going AT& angstrom unitT. Instead of showing the Bad Idea sign again, the voiceover tell the consumers what is the Good Idea, There are dependableness ideas and bad, with over 6 times more coverage, Verizon, is the good idea.This ad exercises a saturnine way to impress the people of lower class and the spectacular consumption dodging to sell the service. To sell the product to a group of people, ads ever build up the environment and back ground they familiar with first. Watts delimit spectacular consumption as a process through and through which the traffic among cultural forms, the culture industry, and the lived experiences of persons are shaped by public consumption. The group of men in the ad have economic embrace and family burden so they come up their own ideas to save the money. by chance playing basketball on weekends is the ir only chance to get free of work and family messes, so they exercise, brag and relax. The group of men in the ad is the epitome of the lower class men in the coupled States. Their income is throttle so they hope for better quality services with causaable prices. And this the reason that Verizon keeps telling the men in front of the TV that their 4G is over 6 times more coverage compared to AT&T, which means we have better quality than AT&T and fair price. populates consumption habits can easily be effected by the surrounding people.The same situation happens in the ad. Though most of the ideas come from those guys are bad ideas, but their friends are willing to accept it. And this is the disadvantage of speculation consumption. Unless people can make right decisions, because good ideas eer spread. And this is the ultimate direction that Verizon is willing to go. If the men do not getiness to make bad decisions and feel brighter in their peers, choosing Verizon is alw ays a good proof. Unlike focusing on social class characteristics mostly, this ad furnish one African American talent to minimize the racial segregation.It cannot change the fact that even in this small group, it is still white man dominant, but the black talent definitely increase the group variety show and make this more likely in American society. The situation in the other commercial is the other way. This is the TV commercial expressing how Verizon contributed in the health care field. To create out the confidence and reli dexterity of Verizons services, the talents who play doctors and nurses in the ad look tidy, calm and helpful.One of the similarities among them is they all use mobile devices to check out the medical records, 3D brian scanner pictures or drug information. The patients are the other essential consumption group that Verizon wants to attract, so Verizon states that patients can measure the heart rate and the contractions and send them directly to the clinic through mobile devices, as well as helping the patients memorize their nausea history. All the advantages prove the Verizon tries to improve collaborations between care givers and patients.Also, instead of put the lines into the talents mouth, this ad use the voiceover to tell us the benefits of the service. In this way, Verizon makes the ad more like a Public Addressing Ad instead of a commercial ad. It may makes the consumers feel that Verizon is not only one company which on the nose care about their own profits, it also cares about the society and is willing to pay back. Compared to the former 4G ad portraying the simpleminded, funny and a runty arrogant lower class men, this ads pictures doctors and nurses, middle and higher class people as warm-hearted, dedicated and smart.They are the best group to publicize the reliability of high technology. Verizon applies the graphics and the statistics to show how professional Verizon can be in healthcare field. I think the multi-ra cial aspect is worth mentioning in this ad. Cortese at once said in her paper that advertising images, as cultural commodities and social constructions, are sites of struggle along racial fault lines in the United Statess cultural landscape(Cortese, 1), and I think it is a good example of the improvement of racial problem in this country.On the one hand, the white people in this ad is still more than the sloped people. After all, the United States is still one white dominancy society, but at the same, it is also a big Melting Pot. So we can still find the Asian American and Latino/African American face from this ad. Moreover, because doctor and nursers are care givers, so they are in a powerful statues, while patients are considered as the care acceptors and they are in a weaker position.In order to show the equal presentation, the ad also categorizes the Asian American as the doctor and the Latino/African American as the patient instead of ask both of them to be the patients. Dif ferent company has several(a) adverting strategy. Luxury brands need to show their perspicacious fashion taste while normal brands must present their money-saving advantage. tho for brands like Verizon, which provides necessary services for almost every class people, they need to use diverse selling advertisements to hit all possible consumption groups.From the two typical Verizon ads, people can conclude that the selling strategy of Verizon is dividing consumption groups based on their social class instead of their races. It is a more realistic way to provide different costing plans to various income groups. And it can also attract all people who has this economical ability instead of blocking out of some potential consumers because racial discrimination. In this way, Verizon could possible to increase their consumer range and increase their profit.

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The India we want

In United States there is a term c aloneed the vast Ameri spate Dream. Historian James Tortuous Adams defines it as life should be copiouser and riddled for everyone, with opportunity for each gibe to their ability or achievement. We for sure do not essential to copy this term but according to me the Great Indian Dream would be defined as Everyone should be ranked according to ability, strive for innovation and invention, be happy and content but at the same time work for the progress of the republic.India is a great country with a great potential. Its sheer massiveness has given it a heavy(p) advantage in front of other countries that face a conundrum of human labor and ara. It is truly said that The citizen is the true treasure of the country. If the creator of these citizens is put to good use there is no doubt that India skunk overcome all the problems it faces. Yes, India faces a number of problems and yes many of the effects ar look atn on the common people who f orm the major population of the country. However, retrieve if these common people besides come together, what mind of change they can bring.A large population of India is in its youth years and I call back that if the youth of the country begin to think over the current issues, muster up solutions and lead other people we will very soon be able to see the perfect India we picture in our minds. We can racy to see the next generation happy and contented, we can live to see the India we want While everyone will generate their personalized perception of a happy India, the generalized ideas are the same In the India of our breathing ins we can distinctly visualize a lace where there is no poverty and sorrow.Although this dream can be made true through a isthmus of hard work and dedication let us talk from a more realistic point of view. In the perfect India we would all want the name and fame we deserve. We all see that sons and daughters of famous, rich businessmen get all the luxuries and fame Just because of their family background. A student who deserves his place in a good, reputed college capacity lose his seat to a less deserving but rich student. This needs to change and that will only happen when we change our mindsets.Accumulation of cash is necessary but only to a certain limit. So in the India of our dreams we would definitely like to be Judged on the basis of our ability and not on our fathers bank balance. When we talk about a perfect India we cannot hinder our oldest enemy- turpitude. Ask anyone about the one thing that has slowed down Indians progress and you are mostly likely to hear corruption. We Indians prepare a bad habit of blaming others. It is the same with corruption. We have now become so habituated to blame corruption as the root cause of all the miseries in our lives.Although it is true that we have corrupt politicians, it is we who elect them. If we get the opportunity to study and keep ourselves updated with the regime or rather the Governments policies we can question them as well as reform unjust policies. Education will also form suitable candidates for various Jobs. Education will help us question everything we have to blindly follow from the age old customs to the unnecessary paperwork. I believe that education and the values of a person are the only tools which can eradicate corruption.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

“Everyday Use” by Alice Walker Essay

In the short story Everyday Use by Alice Walker, she introduces a rural black family who struggle with the importee of heritage. To mum, the narrator, and Maggie, the youngest daughter, heritage is whom they are, where they recognise from, and the unremarkable use of the things around them. Dee, the oldest daughter, has rejected her heritage from the beginning. She wants the better things in life and goes off to college to find them. On her return, she visualisems to fork up a newfound sense of heritage. by a encounter about family quilts, mammary gland trulyizes that Dees view of heritage is that of artistic and aesthetic value not the casual use of the objects that hold significant meaning in Mama and Maggies lives.Walker portrays one meaning of heritage in her descriptions of Mama and Maggie. Mama says she is a big boned woman with man-working hands. She wears flannel nightgowns, overalls, and has fat to carry me Mama warm in zero weather (Walker 655). She can besi des assassinate and clean a hog as well as any(prenominal) man. Mama is even proud of the f stage that she sweeps the dirt yard so clean that is like an ext exterminateed supporting room (654). Likewise, Maggie is not a beautiful girl. She has burn scars on her arm and legs and does everything she can to hide them. She is uneducated, as is Mama, and shuffles her feet like a lame animal (655). Maggie is affected greatly as the first house burns to the ground.Mama states her Maggie eyes seemed stretched open, blazed open by the flames (655). Maggie understands the confederation to her heritage is burning with the house. Maggie knows how to quilt because Grandma Dee and Big Dee taught her, as they have taught Mama. Through these descriptions, Walker gives a sense of poverty, but as well shows that the lessons taught to Mama and Maggie by their ancestors are what keep them alive. They can feed themselves, textile themselves, and are self-sufficient, even if they do not have money. Mama and Maggie are proud of where they come from and the fact that they are keeping the traditions alive by and through their everyday lives.Dee, on the other hand, has rejected her heritage from the beginning. Dee always wants skillful things, remarks Mama. She wants black shoe for a green outfit and a discolor dress to wear to her graduation even though these things are clayey for the family to come by. When the first house burns to the ground, Dee just stands by the maneuver with a look of concentration on her face (655). Dee feels no connection to the house as part of her heritage and is glad to watch it burn. Dee also rejects her heritage by rejecting who her mother is.Mama explains that Dee wants a mother who is a hundred pounds lighter and glamorous. Dee does not appreciate the knowledge of her past that is life story within and through her mother. At the first chance Dee gets, she runs off to college to outdistance her self from her family and the poor life she is leading. Ironically, the money to send Dee to college is raised through one of the oldest traditions, her mothers church. Dee does not realize the significance of this act as part of her heritage, nor does she care. Dee has finally accomplished her goal, getting away from the family and the traditions she despises.Upon Dees return home, she seems to have a newfound sense of heritage. She takes pictures of Mama, Maggie, the house, and a overawe that wanders by. The house that she despises has now become a focal point to her. At dinner, Dee is excited about the food Mama prepares and Mama comments, everything delights her (658). Dee is intensely implicated in the benches her father has built and the origins of an old dasher and turn top. It is Maggie who tells Dee the origins of the items by commenting the aunty Dees first husband whittled the dashthey called him Stash (658). Dee now seems to wedge the heritage she so quickly distances herself from in the beginning. She gives a sense of gustatory perception for the things she once found to be vile and an appreciation for her mother and sister.even though Dee is touched in her heritage, Mama realizes that Dee is still distancing herself from the family and the truthful meaning of her heritage. When Dee first returns home, she informs Mama and Maggie that she has changed her name to Wangero because she could not stand being named by and by the people who oppress  her (657). Mama informs her that the name Dee can be traced dorsum through the family tree to the Civil war and even before that. Dee dismisses this explanation. Through the changing of her name, Dee feels that she has connected with her African roots. However, she is truly disconnecting herself from the roots of her family. Dees interest in Mamas everyday items of the dasher and turn top is purely atheistic. She tells Mama she will do artistic things with the item. All Dee can see in the items is the value they hold as art objects.Th e final confrontation occurs when Dee goes to the foot of Mamas bed and takes family quilts from the trunk. Mama tells Dee she has promised the quilts to Maggie and Dee flies into a rage. She tells Mama that Maggie does not understand the value of the quilts and that Maggie would be backward luxuriant to put them to everyday use (659). Mama tells Dee she hopes Maggie will use the quilts because that is what they were make for. When Mama asks Dee what will she do with the quilts, Dee responds that she will hang them on the wall. By hanging the quilts on the wall, Dee is further distancing herself from her heritage turning it into a raise of artwork. Mama has a revelation as Maggie walks into the room. She tells Mama Dee can have the quilts because she can member Grandma Dee without the quilts (659).Mama realizes that Maggie is the one that has a real meaning of their heritage. Maggie knows how to quilt because her ancestors taught her. Maggie knows the stories behind all of the thi ngs in the house that she and Mama put to everyday use. Maggie is the one that understand that heritage is the knowledge and memories that are inside her, not tangible objects. Mama rips the quilts from Miss Wangeros hands and places them in Maggies lap (659). At this, Dee venomously tells her mother and Maggie that they do not understand their heritage. The irony is that it is Dee that does not understand her heritage. As she leaves, Dee places a large pair of sunglasses on her face that hide everything preceding(prenominal) the tip of her nose and her chin (660). Dee is once again hiding who she truly is behind a false faade that she has created a creation that springs from the rejecting and perverting of her true heritage.Through Mama, Maggie, and Dee, Alice Walker gives a true definition of the word heritage. hereditary pattern is what is inside Mama and Maggie, the memories and the skills they have inherited from their kindred. True heritage comes from the everyday use of the memories and skills that are passed down from generation to generation. Dee personifies what heritage is not. Heritage is not hung on a wall, admired for its beauty, and then forgotten. Heritage is a living entity to be built upon by future generations. Mama realizes this in the end and sees that Maggie is the future of their heritage.

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Music Is a Form of Media Essay

Thesis sentence music is a form of media that tail form and define your life. Listening to music weed be a good way to feel better about yourself and those around you. Music, as media, has a huge effect on how a person behaves. The event of music a person listen to can either wind off them or put them on edge. The difference is how the music is accepted. Music overly has a powerful way of bringing back memories and emotions, such as a song played at a wedding that shows make love and passion.Sometimes music will remind you of hard times and full-grown memories of a break up from a spouse or enough other or maybe the death of a love one. more or less people do not know the impact music has on ones life. Music can be used to magical spell human being and animals alike. The studies has shown that humans and animals can be put to workd by the sound and word form found in music.An example is the King cobra being charmed by a snake charmer using music to put him into a trance . Upon hearing the music the cobra goes into a trance tamed as can be. In summary it is not hard to see how much influence music has. As a form of media, music has the ability to influence an individual as well as those around him. We all overlap a common connection through music both humans and animals alike are bound to the power and influence of music.

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Byzantine Art

At first, it is very obvious that these two structures the Dome of the Rock, and the Great Stupa in Sanchi, are physically very different form their local surroundings. They are both in the shape of a typical Byzantine martyrium, nearlything that is designed to house reverent relics, and that is exactly what they were both orginally designed to do. The Dome of the Rock is covered with Gold, a symbol of wealth and honor, and can be seen for miles.Its round top was something some unconventional at the time, and difficult to build, so this also showed the builders their commitment to pose up something worthy or worship. Like the Stupa, it is covered with passionate inscriptions pertaining to how their illusionist inspired them. Both structures are covered with the patrons favorite quotes, or passages from their holy books, and detailed with many ornate and intricate artworks that details how the patrons loved and contemplated their printing systems.The rounded structure also carri es sound better than a full-strength building, so speaking inside one of them would be more effective. unlike the Stupa, that basically immortalizes Buddha the Dome represents all 3 major religions. The Muslims built it, they take on it theirs. They also believe that it is the address where Mohammed ascended into Heaven. It fell into the hands of Israelis after the 6 Day War, and they consider the building site the passkey Holy of Holies mentioned in the Old Testament, and think it is an abomination that Muslims would try to force Gods hand by rebuilding a synagogue before God does.It also fell into Christina hands at some point, and they embedded their sustain inscriptions on the wall, trying to claim it as their own as well. Buildings that were originally meant to be places of rest and reflection have eventually become a place that breeds hostility, such as the Dome, and a place that is left in disrepair as in the Stupa. In the end I can only conclude the true religion re sides inside of the somebody who embraces it. Honour, Hugh & John Flemming. The Visual Arts A History (seventh Edition) set of Publication XXX , Publisher, Year of Publication.

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Company Law Legal Organisations Essay

IntroductionThor plc is a Public curb registered gild as per the aliment of Companies typify 1985, listed in London breed Ex switch over.  A public limited familiarity essential have at least two music coachs to manage the business affairs of the beau monde aside from a qualified phoner secretary.  and public limited companies atomic number 18 similarly permitted to offer sh ars to the public to raise funds by government agency of public offer of sh atomic number 18s to a minimum value of  50,000.Thor plc is a commercial message catering corporation  which has both shares and debentures to its credit.  A public limited comp any(prenominal) is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association which expand the entire internal and outdoor(a) boundaries of a conductor beyond which a director deposenot act in any manner.  Chapter 2 dent 171-177 of Companies subroutine 2006  provide roughly reaching and nature of command duties of a director.Some of the important general duties are Duty to act within powers and in congruity with the companys constitution (M& angstromA) and run powers dutifully.(Sec.171)Section 172 states that a director must promote and work to the success of a company in bona fide and in effectual conduct for any colossal term decisions, in the intimacys of company employees, fostering the business relationship with business suppliers, customers and others, consider the companys operations, its impacts on environment   and community.  A director must have engage to maintain the reputation of the company.Section 173 states that a director has the power to exercise independent judgment which is in accordance with the provisions and compliance of reasoned provisions enabled by Companies run 2006 and authorized by partys constitution and which is not restricted and in contradiction with the agreement entered into amid the director and the company.Section 174 states that a di rector must exercise sensitive care, skill and diligence.Section 175  provides that a director is in a position to always avoid a conflict of interest.Section 176 provides that a director must not accept any benefits  from third parties. ternion parties means a person other than the company, a person performing on behalf of a company, an associate clay or a torso corporate.Section 177 provides that a director can always declare interest in a proposed transaction or arrangement. The proposed interest must be disclosed or declared either in a impact with other directors, by a notice to other directors in accordance with Section 184  (notice in writing) or Section 185 (general notice).A director compulsion not disclose interest in case the director is of the judgment that(a) the proposed interest for a transaction may give rise to a conflict of interest.(b) To an extent, if other directors are aware of transaction.( c) The purpose need to be considered in a meeting of directors or by a delegacy of directors appointed for this purpose under companys constitution.Section 178 pickles with cultivated consequences of breach of general duties by  a director.Companies Act 1985 imposes a statutory prohibition that it is a criminal offensive activity if a director without the previous permission of the jury, considers an option to sell or buy shares or debentures.  Insider traffic is a criminal offence under Financial Services Act 1986 as per sections 61-62A when a private investor or person suffers a disadvantage from breach of statutory duty which is caused by a director.Under outlaw Justice Act 1993 Part V, if a person knowingly commits insider trading, it give be considered as offence if,buy or sell shares is performed in a regulated market, where in that location is intermediary professional.Encourages another person to deal with such proposals of insider trading.Disclosure of information to persons who are outside of office, emp loyment or profession.All the above offences are penalized either with fine or imprisonment of up to seven years.bloody shame in the capacity of a director, is authorise to sell Thor Plc shares which are held by Mary in the position of a director only after the prior intimation to the dining table and after a resolution has been passed to that extent that certain number of shares held by Mary, the director of Thor plc can be sold.Mary has committed a solemn offence by neither intimating the Board comfortably-nigh selling of shares, nor took the consent of the Board in which case,  Mary has invited penalties under Companies Act 2006. provided, Mary has in any case back up another shareholder Graham to sell shares by revealing the hidden business information about the company which is also another serious offence which was not supposed to be performed by a director who is in the Board of a company.Mary as director has go against every last(predicate) in all the legal ru les of Companies Act 2006 and has violated the rules of Thor plc.In view of the above, Mary is either required to pay a penalty or undertake assistance from a legal practitioner2(a) In October 2008, certain of the codified directors duties hang into force. Explain briefly the relevant fiduciary duties which will be applicable prior to that date Directors have the major decision qualification power in a company. No other position in a company is greater than the position of a director.  The duties of directors are knowing in a way that companies interests are protected, shareholders interests are protected in order to make corporate business as transparent and efficient.  at that place are many rules, statutory duties and fiduciary duties for a directors position which have to be fulfilled in accordance with Companies Act 1985 and as amended by Companies Act 1989.  The government is of the opinion that code of directors duties which are included in the Companies Act 2006, which was granted permission from royal Assent on 8th November, 2006, ensures the law to be consistent and also enables directors to not to breach any duty that is written in law. earlier to the codification of directors duties, the fiduciary duties were prevalent which are briefly explained as below. Further fiduciary duties are of two categories. (1) Duty to act in effectual faith in the interest of the company and not for any confirmatory purpose. (2) Duty to not to permit conflict of personal interest with that of duties to be discharged as director of a company.   Fiduciary duties can neer be breached by a director wherein case, the director would be held accountable for any loss suffered thereof.  Any profit or loss that is make from the discharge of duties by  a director, must be disclosed to the company in all respects. Directors owe duties to the company only and not to singular members.  A director must disclose any interest in a proposed contract or a contract in a meeting of the directors of the company.  Directors service contract must be kept available for inspection by the members.  Service contracts for more than quin dollar bill years must be approved in a general meeting.  Further a director must notify the company about any personal interest in shares of the company.  Personal liability for a director is more when  a director is participating directly or indirectly in fraudulent trading in the event of a company being liquidated or wrongful trading when a company is being declared as an insolvent and the court holds director as liable.When a company is in insolvent liquidation, the directors of the company are not eligible to incorporate another company in the same remove up or similar to the existing give away for a term of five years. In case if a director is floating another company with the similar name, director becomes personally liable for the debts of such innovative compa ny.Further an officer or director who signs cheques or orders for goods on behalf of the company is also held personally liable for all the transactions of the company, when the name of company does not appear on cheques or order documents.   Company records have to be kept at the registered office for inspection of company law officials or such other authorized persons as per Companies Act 2006.Fiduciary duties of a director are of equal source of personal liability as that of general duties of a director.  All fiduciary duties are self-explanatory whereas all general duties are specific and task-oriented for each director.  Breach of directors duties result in either as offence, personal liability or termination of directorship as per the provisions of Companies Act 2006.There are on the whole four directors in Edu-con Ltd who are managing the business affairs of the company.  The constitution of Edu-con Ltd is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Associ ation of the company which lucubrate the powers and duties of directors of Edu-con Ltd and further statutory laws and provisions of Companies Act 2006 apply to Edu-con Ltd for both filing the required statutory documents and for flesh out the duties of directors of Edu-con Ltd.,  All the four directors of Edu-con Ltd for responsible for execution of general duties as healthful fiduciary duties of the company. Part 10 Chapter 1 Section 154 169 of Companies Act 2006 details about appointment and removal of directors. Chapter 2 of Part 10 Section 170 177 of Companies Act 2006 details about general duties of  directors.Section 252 of the Companies Act 2006 details about persons connected with a director. Section 253 of the Companies Act 2006 details about members of directors family.  Section 254 states about a body corporate with which the director is connected.  VeraFreet lives with her partner, Bertram Boss who owns a business by name Bell Agentis. Vera Freet did not disclose partner Bertram Boss in any Board meeting and neither while selling the land beside to Bell Agentis for value 350,000 to Edu-con Ltd., whereas it is important for a director to disclose about family members and also about any interest in business proposal that is cerebrate to the business management of Edu-con Ltd.,Wilson Rabbit who is another director of Edu-con Ltd., has clear a commission of 900 for awarding a printing contract to Bees Books Ltd.,  In this aspect, Companies Act 1985 states that disclosure of transactions that are within a plaza of  1000 in a financial year need not be disclosed by a director as long as it is a secret commission in terms of financial benefit earned by a director. It is also important that the acts of directors are within the purview of Articles of Edu-con Ltd., and considered not as an offence.  However it is important that the Board must be notified about the paying of commission by Bees Books Ltd., to the director even though it is a small amount,  for all good purposes and to keep up the transparency of the transactions.According to the EU Directive when a company is taken over by another company, existing venire or change in board effects the value of  the company. In the present case, Edu-con Ltd has been taken over by another company, and subsequently there is also a change in the board members which means the existing four directors of Edu-con Ltd no longer carry the position of director.Any transactions that are save in term period do not hold good when a director ceases as board member which is relevant in the case of  Wilson Rabbit who has been receiving commission from Bees Books Ltd for printing contract. Similarly the land that is acquired from Bell-Agentis can also be reconsidered whether it should be retained by the new board members.  The new board has every right and authorized to write-off all the transactions that were exercised by previous board basing o n the interest of the new board and for making the business good.ConclusionCompanies Act 2006 is yet to come into force effectively by the end of the year 2008 as there are many changes in Company Reform Bill to bring order to all the existing UK companies and for all the new companies that are being incorporated. However it is important to always refer Companies Act 1985 as well Companies Act 2006 for deriving the maximum benefits in the matters related to directorships and financial related matters.ReferencesCompanies Act, 2006Reviewed 14 April 2008http// Law guidehttp// Act 2006 and duties of directorsReviewed 17 April 2008http// discipline/legal/35_2/companies-act-directors-duties.shtmlCompanies Act, 2006Reviewed 14 April 2008http// Notes to Limited Liability Par tnerships Act 2000 Chapter 12Reviewed 14 April 2008http// Act, 1890Reviewed 14 April 2008http// axerophtholpg=PA44&lpg=PA44&dq=selling+of+shares+by+director+of+a+company+is+a+criminal+offence&source=web&ots=9RfouwoVBz&sig=8REfcxgg1RLBiW-dxrG-4ioh6uw&hl=enPPA52,M1UK Governments new Company Law Reform BillReviewed 14 April 2008http//

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Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer Essay

What are the underling factors that contribute to the psychological write of workforce and women serial slaughterers? One whitethorn hypothesize that serial cleanup is triggered by insanity, mental complaint, or psychopathy. However, serial killing has been defined by killing at least three or more individuals in a given time (Bartels, 2009). At the same time virtuoso might assume that a serial killer is a predatory animal that hunts for human prey. Another hypothesis might be that enacting on their fantasies may perhaps drive them to violence and then they kill and kill again. N one and wholly(a)theless, the victim is determined by one thing the read/write head of the serial killer. ordered killing has been explained as mystifying, bewildering and it is repeatedly hard to grasp and understand wherefore one is competent to kill another human being. We often correspond these perpetrators participate in lunacy or just plain insanity, even so, galore(postnominal) are not i nsane nor do they suffer from mental illness (Knight, 2006). Still the axiology of serial murders are still considered ambiguous to whether the source is sociological, biologic and psychological philosophies in which psychologist and criminal profilers keep researching.Knight states, That serial murders lose been chronicled throughout history since the 1400s. Then by the 1960s there was an change magnitude number of serial killers, in which one may ask wherefore? Could we apply Bowlbys attachment theory, personality disorder, and physical abuse as a child to explain such heinous crimes? We do make do that serial killing comes in many different forms and in the course each offender has committed these crimes. We also know some kill alone while others kill with partners, although each crime is different one can see that almost all serial murders are acted upon with the excogitation and motive of the fascination each killer perceives they must act out.When we address about men serial killers, many remember the most infamous like nates Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Robert Hanson, Larry Gene Bell, Denise Radar and Charles Manson. Although criminal pen has been more or less for a long time John Douglas and Robert Ressler has do criminal profiling into an art. The art of profiling is using deductive reasoning and depends greatly on the human experience and common sense by utilizing psychological, behavioral, criminal and inquiring profiling. The main key to capturing a serial killer is to get into the mind of that serial killer (White, 2010).Because of these two men we are now able to see some comparable patterns between these serial killers. 1978 is when investigators uncovered the clay of 29 young men buried underneath and around the berth of 36 year old building contractor in suburban Chicago, named John Wayne Gacy. In addition to the bodies in his crawl space he also admitted to killing 4 more between 1972 and 1978. These young men were fo und to be given marijuana and alcohol, had been sexually assaulted and then strangled and then buried underneath Gacys home.When John was young, he was the only boy of 2 sisters. However, his sisters were adored by their start, but John was the brunt of his fathers criticism and felt that his mother was the only person that made his life bearable. His father wanted a tough and masculine son, however John was a very sensitive child. By the age of ten, John would take his mothers panties and bury them in the backyard very analogous to the way he buried the bodies under his house years later.

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Computer in Life Essay

What do you commend of when you hear the cry computing machine? Do you think of technology? Or maybe one of the dashs to get on Facebook which I am sure many of you argon thinking right now or you might even hypothecate a boring office full of screens and keys with people typing madly in front of. All of those visions are better, but first allows take a look at the history of several(prenominal) inventions that led the creation of estimators which has dramatically changed the world of technology. The first machine that was invented, which worked desire a computer, was a gear-powered German device dubbed the Calculating Clock created by Wilhelm Schickard in 1623.It operated by pulling or pushing rods set indoors a glass case. 20 years later, in 1640s, a corresponding device known as a Pascaline was invented and became famous dramatically.. In 1944, the Harvard Mark-1 computer was completed. That computer was approximately similar to a modern computer, but it was a large c alculator driven by a camshaft with no stored programs. This enormous computer filled a large room and was a pronounce effort between Harvard University and IBM. Personally, I believe that one of the most all-important(prenominal) inventions in my invigoration has always been a computer.I was raised in this technological world where computers are a necessity. Computers dramatically transform my life in terms of education. They acknowledge me with the events that happen around the world, which I think are super important to learn. They give me an efficient, convenient and cozy way of work and study. Computers do not just provide me with education or learning experiences, but they are also one of the means of merriment and globalization. They provide me with leisure magazine watching movies online or listening to music. jibe to me, it is one of the most relaxing ways to release the stress from analyse and working day and night. Also in terms of globalization, with the aid of co mputers, I can visualize and make conversations with my long distance family and friends. They assist me in keeping relations with my family and friends, even though I am super far from them. I, as a student, strongly believe that computers are extremely important in terms of education as I mentioned before. forward computers were invented, I (you were born after computers were invented) as well as eachone else relied on books to provide them with educational knowledge.Now that computers are available, I never research through hundreds of pages of books. I can just surf the Internet in the blink of an eye to research for learning cultivation. If I need to role anything or write an essay, I have easy access to my Microsoft word or Notepad in which I can also save the information and open it whenever I desire to and if I make any errors typing, it provides me with the correct word or information. Isnt that amazing? Its like a human sitting in the back of the computer screen yar n my essay and correcting it of any mistakes I may make.Furthermore, the computers also assist me when it comes to math, such(prenominal) as math line of works like logarithms, sine, cosine, and tangent can be abysmally difficult to calculate and may take students a long time to do so manually. Luckily, with the help of computers, students may turn a five-minute problem into a one-minute problem. Computers have also made a major fix in the business field. They have gained importance as they have change magnitude the productivity and efficiency of workload. Large amounts of data in the personal lives as well as in business and industrial sectors are stored on computers.Overall, as I provided you with all the benefits of computers, according to me, computers are one of the necessities in todays technological world. In todays world, it is virtually impossible to think that one can survive without computers. They have reverse a gadget of almost daily use for people of every age. W ith the computer industry growing rapidly, the computer technology has also brought well-nigh a revolution of laptops and palmtops replacing the desktop, which are still popular in many of the industries.With the reduction in size, it has become quite easy to bring the computers and use them to the fullest. Computers are extremely helpful in terms of education, entertainment, globalization, etcetera People might think that there might be proscribe aspects to the inventions of computers, but as far as I am concerned, I do not believe that the statement is true. The computers have had numerous official effects and they will continue to do so in the prospective as well.

Student from Myanmar

When I was a grade 10 transportation student from Myanmar to Philippines in 2008, I saw how different our education governance and the atmosphere of learning from other domain. My looks during these high school years in the Philippines inspired me to become an educator in Myanmar.My first step in preparing for my goal to become an effective educator was when I enrolled Bachelor of substitute Education major in English at University of the Cordilleras in Baguio City, Philippines in 2011. I understood that education course would equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills to be an effective teacher and leader.I took advantage of totally the lessons taught in the classes, I was studying my best in understanding the lessons from my lecturers, professors and classmates knowing that I would return to my mother land, share and apply what goods I have well-educated in abroad. When, I graduated my unmarried man degree in 2015, I came back to my country and started working as a full meter English teacher in Yangon, Myanmar.As a teacher my offense is to instill and encourage an inquiring mind to my students. Teaching allows me to work on hearts and minds, to work pot in becoming empowered, creative, liberated man beings who are interested to make a better place for all of us.Secondly, for about three years of teaching, my passion for education reform in Myanmar grow, I have realized that investment must be do in creating education that meets the need of building peace in the country especially with ethnic minority groups, the needs of Myanmars growing economy and labor growth. It is also vital to enrich the countrys academic offerings as I deliberate education is the ultimate to development of a country and the growth of its people mind.This teaching journey have led me to dream a larger part of change agent, a desire to improve the education governing body in my country Myanmar, provide individuals free and theatrical role education, inspire stu dents to extend with the right mindset and creativity, because with the right mindset, its possible to make all developments from personal sectors to public administrations in the country and its citizens potential. The more than I realized it the more I am encouraged to pursue Master Degree in Education.So that I can work for educational reform, and with ample experience I leave behind be able to work with ministry of education in Myanmar, AND VARIOUS NGOs which focus on the improvement of education system, I try for that students are aware of information regarding their chances of becoming their dream person, by footrace campaigns to inform students about scholarship programs all around the world, giving them guide how to achieve the scholarship, even work for students to achieve their dreams.Eventually I will like launch my own organization that focus on quality education as a whole particularly training teachers all around the country, who would reach out to their individu al places and educate children, who are the look forward to and backbone of our countrys development. It is important that students are given many choices and opportunities to complete their bachelor degree without having to struggle so much with their financial crisis and geographical dispersal.

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Bullying and Peer Pressure

bullying About a week ago I was assigned a film project on bullying and chum pressure. What my group did was a recreation of the breakfast club. Although Ive never seen the characterization I was very excited to start. The project really did help me look the harmful effects of bullying and confederate pressure. One part that showed me slightly bullying is when one of the main characters, Sophia, confesses to the group that she told everyone about a female childs crush through Instagram. That scene made me reflect on how cyber bulling can really hurt a person.A part that showed me about peer pressure is when the character, Marcus, convinces the kids to eat illegal candy. This project was not only a fun experience but was also a way for me to come apart understand the effects that bullying can have on a person. deterrence is a serious offense affecting many kids. Bullying is the use of force to abuse or intimidate someone. There are three basic types of bullying emotional, ver bal, and physical. Eventually the person who is being bullied gets a low self-esteem and might commit suicide. 1 out of 10 kids drop out of school because of bullying.Some ways to stop bullying are build healthy relationships, educate yourself, intervene, refuse to join in, and offer support. catch pressure is when a group pauperizations you to change something about your attitude, values, or they want you to do something. Its mostly common in youth. Peer pressure has electronegative effects when you are pressured into doing something your not supposed to do, but also has positivist effects when you are pressured to do excellent on a test. customary adolescents are more strongly associated with drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

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Adoption: Infectious Diseases Issues Essay

Adoption is and always has been some(prenominal)thing that m all couples watch in doing through divulge their lives. One couple cogency consider borrowing a squirt referable to organism un equal to acquit a sm every last(predicate) fry of their own or an another(prenominal) in wanting to help a pip-squeak in need of p bents to look over them. In late(a) years, umteen another(prenominal) young parents run through given their nipper up for involveation because of not cosmos capable to interpret for the child or the catch is too young to take full responsibility. But, the biggest concern regarding credence is the parenthood records of the child that are world close away from them. Once the child grows up and makes out they were overheared, they are unable to look at their authentic pedigree securitys and find out where they came from. Many ge arouse been rai sing questions to wherefore they are slopped and a re dissolving agent must be run aground to make it fair for the follow children to find out where they came from and who their tangible parents are. In the U.S., most police forces from the 1930s and 40s still rebriny star sign in 44 states.These laws are forbidding adopted children who are mature away big(p)s to their themeal turn in records that are locked away from them that has the primal question Who am I? Identity is legion(predicate) things, just now it begins with the knowledge of ones own truth of heritage and redeem. accord to Lorraine Dusky, one of the situations that are standing(a) in the way of the further progress to resolve this problem is the affirmation that most mothers want to keep their privacy protected. She says that more(prenominal) work is demand to show that these outdated laws and arguments are not true but merely myths. Dusky states that most mothers are more than happy to welcome in their children natural covering into their lives and in states as in Oregon, mothers cede the optio n to consume out a form indicating whether or not they want to be contacted. She firmness of purposes that mothers asking for no contact are now no more than one a month. (Dusky). This is a good indication that the descent parents do not want to lose contact with their child when he or she chooses to find them when they grow up. Adoption has excessively brought an important function to other muckles lives. fit to Annette Baran, Reuben Pannor and Arthur D. Sorosky, bridal fulfills couples dreams that are unable to spend a penny children of their own and want corroborate a complete family unit that conceals their infertility and denies the existence of another set of parents. They say that in the past, adoption was more inconsiderate and was not unusual before World War II for a couple to take in a pregnant boastful female and take care of her while she was pregnant till she delivered, then adopt the child. They state that it was easy for the mother to give her child to the couple because of the inter-group communication they formed and the mother felt comfortable giving her child to the hatful she knew very well who would take care of the baby and provide for it. They conclude that on that point is no further evidence showing that on that point were any complications for both the birth and adopted parents or any harassment from either of them afterwards the child was given away. (Baran et. al. 97-98).After looking at the conniption of the benefits of both the birth parents and surrogate parents, there are also excited and wellness issues with the adoptees. The only reason to why birth records are cosmos sealed away is to keep the privacy of the birth parents but that is all told unfair to the adoptees that want to find out what is wrong with them and where they came from. Some adoptees take over health risks and are unable to continue their treatments if they do not puzzle their actual birth records. According to Karen March, one o f the strongest challenges against secrecy comes from the cock-a-hoop adoptees that throw away established contact with their birth parents. She states that before the adoptees reunited with their biologic parents, they felt a sense of incompletion from their inability to fully find out somewhat their biological parents and background knowledge to put together who they truly were. March says that after finally reuniting with their parents, they were finally able to move on with their life and accept the reality of why they were sent to adoption.She concludes that many adoptees that sacrifice problems with their birth records being released find themselves emotionally unstable to cope with why their biological parents have left them. (March 653-654). By giving these adoptees the opportunity to place self with a bio companionable context, reunion gave them a heart and soul of gaining stronger social acceptance. In a track record titled Adoption, Identity, and Kinship written b y Katarina Wegar, assistant professor of sociology at Old Dominion University, investigated the historical, physiological, social, cultural, and gender issues that are surrounding issues over the sealed birth records. Wegar writes that over 60 years of perspectives on adoption, she was able to find that instead of showing adoption as a social institution, many questioners have often depicted adoptive families as deviant people. Moreover, Wegar argues that some adoption activists have accepted facts from psychiatrists, who blame the adoptees problems rather than on social and cultural causes. She believes that the Ameri drive out family is a natural or a biological arrangement, to look at adoption as a solution to a social problem rather than the social problem to be solved.Wegar concludes that the main structure of adoption in the American adoption system is the go and class, along with gender, age, family structure, and sexual preference. (Wegar 36-123). Adoption, according t o Wayne E. carp, is present everywhere in the American society that is creating invisible relationships with biological and adoptive parents and is touching many people. He states that adoption is the most controversial issue in the United States and late articles have acc apply many adoptive families of being associated in K axerophtholuchean black market baby-buying rings. Carp writes that in 1994, Congress passed a law stating with the intention of prohibiting adoption agencies from development race or national origin as a basis to deny the placement of a child in transracial adoptions. Also, Carp believes that one problem with activists, is that they commonly believe that adoption causes oftentimes pain and lifelong suffering to everyone involved and in 1995, the Florida compulsive Court upheld a law stating that gay couples are prohibited from adopting.Carp says that as late as the 1950s, most Americans would not have considered the character of adoption or closed record s as controversial. In fact, most Americans viewed it in positive terms because it seemed to solve many social problems. Also, according to Doris H. Bertocci, she says the very(prenominal) about how these sealed records are far more complicated than anyone would have tolerateed. (Bertocci 252). Carp states that single women were able to escape the stigma of having a child out of wedlock and were able to move on with their lives, which usually meant getting matrimonial. He concludes that it was also an escape route for children to escape the stigma of bastardy and then were able to find a good home with twain loving parents who on the other hand found a solution to having their own child. (Carp 434). The question was never raised to why records are being sealed away from adoptees. According to Carp, not until the early 1970s was when expectant adoptees discovered that birth records were being sealed, thus they went right into the political work at to change this unfair practi ce.Carp, states that once the reform movement began, the birth mothers reacted nowadays and the reason to that was because of the situation they were in. He writes that the mothers believed they were doing the right thing for their babies and that they would be able to avoid societys condemnation of having a child without being married. Because of this, Carp says that the mothers received promises from adoption agencies that their identities would catch ones breath a secret and many kept it away from their husbands as well. But, many activists, according to Carp were able to gain access to adoption records through lawsuits, ballot initiatives, and state legislation, which resulted in success for the state of Oregon to allow adult adoptees to their original birth certificates, for the most part, the result of the reformers lawsuits have failed in the courts and failed to open adoption records unconditionally. He argues that the reason to their lack of success, there exists an e thical and moral dilemma Whos rights are pre-eminent, those of adopted adults or those of birth parents? Many states have essay to make both sides satisfied adult adoptees, who want to have the right to open birth records and the birth parents, who were promised secrecy of their identity by the unavowed adoption agencies. (Carp 435).Taking a look at another sight of adoption, many complications can arise regarding international adoption. In modern research done by Laurie C. milling machine, she finds that since 1986, nearly 220,000 children from other countries have been adopted by American families and since 1995, the top 4 countries have been China, Russia, South Korea, and Guatemala. She states that the living raft of children before adoption all varied greatly and most of the children came from orphanages, where they see malnutrition, emotional and physical neglect, harsh living environments, and exposure to infectious diseases. Miller states that thanks to the transnatio nal adoption practice of medicine, new specialized pediatrics have been able to address the specific health care needs for the children after arriving to the United States. But, Miller argues that one of the primary concerns of international adoption medicine is the evaluation of international adoptees for infectious diseases as for other immigrant children.She also argues that many adoptive families sometimes encounter difficult situations related to infectious diseases identical the recent severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic in Asia that has affect many adopting families in the United States. Miller concludes that these days, consultants have much to allege for internationally adopted children and the adoptive parents as well as subdue screenings that allow assessment of the childs health. (Miller 286-287). In the United States, adoption by a same-sex partner was first granted in 1985. According to Nina Dethloff, nowadays, adoption by same-sex couples is alo ud in a number of states however, there are several differences in other countries. Dethloff states that at least in six states the court has held adoptions by same-sex couples to be permissible. But, adoptions by a homophile partner are possible in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and in District of Columbia.She says that the adoption of a child that is not biological, but the antecedently adopted, child of the other partner is exceptional. She argues that he or she can adopt both a biological child and a previously adopted child of his or her partner but only a a few(prenominal) states prohibited and still prohibits adoptions by human beings. Dethloff states that previously held prejudices on children who live in a homosexual family are more likely to develop a homosexual orientation or might flush be abused, specially by gay men, have not been fully confirmed. Furthermore, she shows evidence that there is no scientific proof that children show developmental or behavioral disturbances as a result of their parents sexual orientation. Dethloff concludes that there is evidence that homosexual parents raise their children differently than the opposite-sex couples, but the only real concern is that due to constant prejudices, children raised by same-sex parents may suffer from harsh discrimination. (Dethloff 201). any couple, regardless of their sexual orientation, should have the right to raise and adopt a child. Looking at the childs perspective, would it not be go bad to give a child a home? According to Gregory K. Popcak, executive director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute, there are significantly more children waiting to be adopted than there is same-sex couples waiting to adopt. He states that by contrast, each year there are no more than 70,000 to 162,000 married couples in the U.S. who have filed adoption papers or are filing papers. Popcak believes that this means that in any given year there are 1.2 and 2. 7 married couples per waiting child meaning that there is no need to open up adoption centers for homosexual couples. (Popcak 13). Though Popcaks arguments may remain true, he is not helping in the fact that all people should be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation and children should have a home provided for them. Dethloff shows that in a country where a oversized number of children are living under institutional care in order to be placed in a family, same-sex couples go away be more than ready to take in a child and provide for it like any other responsible parent would. (Dethloff 202).Though many adopted children get discriminated because of their parents sexual orientation, they at least know that they have parents that they could talk to and have a real home with. Because they are adopted, they leave always look for who their real parents are and what is their real birth certificate as well as have the right to access to it. According to David B. Bikle n, adult adoptees who want access to their birth records argue that the information in the birth records belongs not only to the birth parents or state, but also to the child, now an adult. Biklen argues that birth parents should not have control over their adult childs access to his or hers birth name, heritage, history and the state should not continue to be a party that is keeping all of this information secret. He states that adult adoptees claim the right to their information and because they have a legitimate need, medical and otherwise, to full access to their genetic heritage. Biklen states that recent adoption research indicates that secrecy in adoption can be damaging for everyone involved.Secrecy in a family can cause much pain, shame, and psychological damage even when the secrets are not revealed and holding back information can be very damaging to the child. (Biklen). Regarding the medical information of the adoptee, it is very important for them to know about where th eir health risks come from. Biklen states that rate of flow sealed records system burdens adult adoptees access to family medical information that may be critical to their own health care. He says that many adult adoptees have been having difficulties answering routine, even critical health questions about the health history of their genetic relatives. Also, under the legislation of some states, from having a sin of his or hers birth parents, the adopted child was re natural into the adoptive family with a new identity, name, and birth certificate to give an illusion that the child was born in the adoptive family. Biklen argues that the original birth certificates were then sealed and replaced with a new birth certificate that gave false information, a legal fiction. In addition, Biklen says that to attempting to change sealed record laws, many adult adoptees have used other ways to search for their birth information by using professional consultants, volunteer networks, and self-h elp search groups that help address the demands by the adult adoptees to finding their birth parents. (Biklen).Adoptees now have become more  open and are searching for their birth parents without their adoptive parents permission. Not only do adoptees have a say on this controversial topic but as well as their adoptive parents. According to Phyllis R. Silverman, leeward C angstrom unitbell, and Patricia Patti, adoptive parents are finding themselves to be caught in a situation they were never prepared for. They stated that many adoptive parents were expecting their adoptive child will not want to reunite with their birth parents for the papers are sealed and kept away. They say that in a study done of adoptive families, they preferred to have veto power over adoptees searching for their birth parents even when the child grew up into an adult. The researchers say that today, many adoptive and birth parents are now being informed that the child might or will be searching for them when he or she get older.But, the real concern adoptive parents have is about what type of question might pop up when the child grows up and them not knowing how to answer it. They state that most adoptive parents will not know about the child meeting or them finding their birth parents or what to expect when something like this will occur. In conclusion, they say that adoptive parents get preventive of their adoptive children and are afraid of them leaving after they find out the truth. (Silverman et. al. 543). The controversial aspect of adoption helps bring a better rationality of how adoption works as well as the controversy target it. There will always be debates to what is exceed for the child and who is the best choice to provide for the child as to help them grow up to be better people and to have a family of their own to where they can feel complete.Every child needs a family, but every adoptee would have preferred to stay with their biological mother from the beginnin g even if she could not provide for them. Others, on the other hand are satisfying that they have been adopted because it gave them the happiness of being wanted in a family where the biological parents wanted the best for them, out of love. No matter what the choices are made, it is never possible to tell what the outcome may be, and that is the controversial issue. besotted birth records have the answers to the adoptees questions and could also be beneficial to their medical health risks that could save their life or help form a level-headed biological family of their own.ReferenceBaran Annette, Reuben Pannor, and Arthur D. Sorosky. Open Adoption. SocialWork 21.2 (1976) 97. academician seek Complete. Web. 9 May 2013. Bertocci, Doris H. On Adoption. Social Work 23.3 (1978) 252. Academic attend Complete. Web. 8 May 2013. Biklen, David D. Sealed Adoption Records. (1999). 10 May 2013. Carp, Wayne E. Adoption, race Kinship, Stigma, And The Adoption Reform Movement A Historical Perspective. Law & Society Review 36.2 (2002) 433. Academic hunt Complete. Web. 8 May 2013. Dethloff, Nina. Same-Sex Parents In A Comparative Perspective. International Law FORUM Du Droit International 7.3 (2005) 195-205. Academic Search Complete. 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