Thursday, January 24, 2019

Advertising and Promotional Culture Essay

Race and Class in Verizon TV Ads No point what are the patterns of the ads, the ultimate purpose of ad is attracting public attentions and selling the products. establish on different usance groups, the ads from the same brand also choose to smorgasbord the advertising images, backgrounds and lines, to reach as servicemany consumers as possible. Verizon communicating Inc is star of the most famous broadband and telecommunications company in joined States. Its service range is very broad, including mobile phone, TV and Internet, and its outgo groups covers let loose class, middle class and upper class battalion.In this paper, I allow for analysis the class and racial elework forcets in Verizon 4G LTE mer pottytile and Verizon Mobile Devices and wellnesscare commercial. Applying multi-racial advertising talents and different story regulariseing methods, Verizon stresses on the class sequestration while pays less attention on racial differences. This advertising dodge hel ps Verizon divide its function groups based on their pulmonary tuberculosis abilities. It is not still one method to avoid the single out of racial selling, which easily limits the consumption groups, but also direct the company to improve the services to carry off each specific class better.The Verizon 4G LTE commercial is also called Bad composition commercial. Just as the African American guys keep saying Whassup in the Budweiser ad, Verizon keep showing the bold black Bad Idea family after the men in the ad say some hurtful ideas. The background of the ad is a group of lower class men gather together and work basketball. During the break, they chat and share informations. You guys check it out, kinsperson bleach. Look Good. I know, right? Then the Bad Idea drives out with a sting sound. I tell you what saves the gas money. My kids hitchhike to the school. expectant Call. Then the Bad Idea sign comes out again. After devil more than guys share their informatio n and both adopt been categorized as Bad Idea, the fifth man comes over, says, Surprisingly the Verizon 4G LTE is like 6 times bigger, but I am going AT& angstrom unitT. Instead of showing the Bad Idea sign again, the voiceover tell the consumers what is the Good Idea, There are dependableness ideas and bad, with over 6 times more coverage, Verizon, is the good idea.This ad exercises a saturnine way to impress the people of lower class and the spectacular consumption dodging to sell the service. To sell the product to a group of people, ads ever build up the environment and back ground they familiar with first. Watts delimit spectacular consumption as a process through and through which the traffic among cultural forms, the culture industry, and the lived experiences of persons are shaped by public consumption. The group of men in the ad have economic embrace and family burden so they come up their own ideas to save the money. by chance playing basketball on weekends is the ir only chance to get free of work and family messes, so they exercise, brag and relax. The group of men in the ad is the epitome of the lower class men in the coupled States. Their income is throttle so they hope for better quality services with causaable prices. And this the reason that Verizon keeps telling the men in front of the TV that their 4G is over 6 times more coverage compared to AT&T, which means we have better quality than AT&T and fair price. populates consumption habits can easily be effected by the surrounding people.The same situation happens in the ad. Though most of the ideas come from those guys are bad ideas, but their friends are willing to accept it. And this is the disadvantage of speculation consumption. Unless people can make right decisions, because good ideas eer spread. And this is the ultimate direction that Verizon is willing to go. If the men do not getiness to make bad decisions and feel brighter in their peers, choosing Verizon is alw ays a good proof. Unlike focusing on social class characteristics mostly, this ad furnish one African American talent to minimize the racial segregation.It cannot change the fact that even in this small group, it is still white man dominant, but the black talent definitely increase the group variety show and make this more likely in American society. The situation in the other commercial is the other way. This is the TV commercial expressing how Verizon contributed in the health care field. To create out the confidence and reli dexterity of Verizons services, the talents who play doctors and nurses in the ad look tidy, calm and helpful.One of the similarities among them is they all use mobile devices to check out the medical records, 3D brian scanner pictures or drug information. The patients are the other essential consumption group that Verizon wants to attract, so Verizon states that patients can measure the heart rate and the contractions and send them directly to the clinic through mobile devices, as well as helping the patients memorize their nausea history. All the advantages prove the Verizon tries to improve collaborations between care givers and patients.Also, instead of put the lines into the talents mouth, this ad use the voiceover to tell us the benefits of the service. In this way, Verizon makes the ad more like a Public Addressing Ad instead of a commercial ad. It may makes the consumers feel that Verizon is not only one company which on the nose care about their own profits, it also cares about the society and is willing to pay back. Compared to the former 4G ad portraying the simpleminded, funny and a runty arrogant lower class men, this ads pictures doctors and nurses, middle and higher class people as warm-hearted, dedicated and smart.They are the best group to publicize the reliability of high technology. Verizon applies the graphics and the statistics to show how professional Verizon can be in healthcare field. I think the multi-ra cial aspect is worth mentioning in this ad. Cortese at once said in her paper that advertising images, as cultural commodities and social constructions, are sites of struggle along racial fault lines in the United Statess cultural landscape(Cortese, 1), and I think it is a good example of the improvement of racial problem in this country.On the one hand, the white people in this ad is still more than the sloped people. After all, the United States is still one white dominancy society, but at the same, it is also a big Melting Pot. So we can still find the Asian American and Latino/African American face from this ad. Moreover, because doctor and nursers are care givers, so they are in a powerful statues, while patients are considered as the care acceptors and they are in a weaker position.In order to show the equal presentation, the ad also categorizes the Asian American as the doctor and the Latino/African American as the patient instead of ask both of them to be the patients. Dif ferent company has several(a) adverting strategy. Luxury brands need to show their perspicacious fashion taste while normal brands must present their money-saving advantage. tho for brands like Verizon, which provides necessary services for almost every class people, they need to use diverse selling advertisements to hit all possible consumption groups.From the two typical Verizon ads, people can conclude that the selling strategy of Verizon is dividing consumption groups based on their social class instead of their races. It is a more realistic way to provide different costing plans to various income groups. And it can also attract all people who has this economical ability instead of blocking out of some potential consumers because racial discrimination. In this way, Verizon could possible to increase their consumer range and increase their profit.

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