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Like a Flower

Alejandra Luna Dr. White slope 201 15 September 2011 Like a Flower Love blooms with love, the akins of a flower blooms with water. The Chrysanthemums is a story written by stern Steinbeck. This story fall upons place in 1937, a time when women were non appreciated. Women were suppositious to stay home and raise their children. The main character, Elisa Allen, feels distant from her keep up Henry. The fact that they didnt acquit children, might play a social function in that feeling, and is probably the reason she wants to be involve with the farms business. Her face was lean and strong and her wait on were as lick as water (Steinbeck 629).Elisa might seem strong on the outside, but fatheaded inside she is fragile like a flower. Though fragile her eyes were as clear as water which baseborns she has very clear what she wants and ineluctably. Just like a flower, she needs c ar and solicitude. The point of this story, in my opinion, was to demonstrate the importance of t aking look at of a woman, not unspoiled economically, but emotionally and physically. If you fathert water your flowers they give die, sound like love will die without care. Some men bet that by providing economically, they are doing comme il faut.A woman might have the biggest and prettiest house, the most dearly-won car, and the best brand clothes, but that might never be enough to make her happy. We all need some unrivaled to love us, someone to watch us at night, to awake to in the morning, someone to have breakfast with and talk to about our sorrows or joys. Money can never transpose the need for a companion. Economical support is a marital responsibility, not a sign of love. Furthermore, a woman needs emotional support, she needs someone that listens to her opinion and takes it into consideration, someone who will value her thoughts and ideas.Men have no idea how important it is for a woman to be valued, to be listened to. more people will agree that communication is a key imagination in a relationship, so knowing about her interest will give you a reason to talk about something both of you have knowledge about. It does not matter if its not something that interests you, as coarse as it interests her it will help, it will to a fault bring you close to each other just like Elisa felt close to the stranger, when he seemed interest in her Chrysanthemums.Another good way to support her emotionally is to accompaniment her. Complement her accomplishments, or simply her beauty. Dont say you look so nice (Steinbeck 635). You look so nice is not the unspoilt thing to say, use words like bewitching, radiant, dazzling, etc. Remind her why you chose to marry her and how you promised to honor and respect her for the rest of your life. Simple thing like that, can bring our self-esteem up it will make us feel wanted and loved. Lastly care for her physically, and by physically, Im not referring to sex.Sex is important in a relationship, but what I mean i s a simple caress, or to impersonate cozy on the couch, and also take her out on a date I ought to take you in to dinner oftener. It would be good for both of us. We get so heavy out on the ranch (Steinbeck 636). Henry noticed that he needed to pay more attention to his wife, he realized they are kept very busy at the ranch and dont have time for each other. That is very common in marriages we get carried away with our job or our children and forget how important it is to pay attention to our partner. Also help around with household chores, sometimes men dont realize how hard we work.In my case for example I am the first one to get up in the morning, and the last one to go to bed at night in between that, I have three daughters, chores and school. It makes a woman very happy, when her husband gets involved and helps with the responsibilities. I truly appreciate all my husband does at home, change surface though he has two jobs, he comes home and helps out when I have to do homewor k. Taking care of a woman is as important as taking care of your flowers. If you want a beautiful tend, you water it. I you want a beautiful wife, you take care of her. he leaned over the wire fence that protected her flower garden from cattle and dogs and chickens (Steinbeck 629). You dont have to put up a wire fence to keep the dogs away from your flower, all you have to do is take care of her economically, to give her comfort emotionally, to give her peace and physically to keep her young and beautiful. That is the best way to keep the dogs away, and keep her interested in no one but you. Works Cited Steinbeck, John. The Chrysanthemums Compact literature Reading, reacting, writing. Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell, eds. MA Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2010 628-636 Print.

The Analysis And Application Of The Balance Sheet

Financial story is single of the virtu onlyy popular major in the world. In the study of news report, people essential know and use expertly the trio accounting statement, agreement tabs, hard currency flow, and income statement. It is the most basic and useful skill in ones c beer of accounting. But in the four basic mo exculpateary statement, the ease tab or called statement of financial position is the only one which describe a single conduct in time of a business cal make outar year.In financial accounting, a parallelism tabloid or statement of financial position is a summary of the financial equilibrates of a sole proprietorship, a business partnership, a corporation or former(a) business organization, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as an LLC or an LLP. Assets, liabilities and ownership rectitude argon listed as of a specific date, much(prenominal) as the end of its financial year. A remnant pall is often described as a snapshot of a familys financial condi tion. (Williams,Jan R,ibid,2008)Therefore, this essay will force on the offset main tag, it disregard help student understand the residue sheet better.A standard company ratio sheet has divide into three parts assets, liabilities and ownership right. The main categories of assets are usually listed first, and typically in order of liquidity. (Daniels, Mortimer ,1980) Assets are appraiseed by the liabilities. The difference surrounded by the assets and the liabilities is cognise as equity or the net assets or the net worth or not bad(p) of the company and according to the accounting equation, net worth essential equal assets minus liabilities.Williams, Jan R,2008Another guidance to look at the said(prenominal) equation is that assets equals liabilities plus owners equity. Looking at the equation in this way shows how assets were financed either by borrowing money (liability) or by utilize the owners money (owners equity). difference sheets are usually presented with a ssets in one variance and liabilities and net worth in the other section with the two sections balancing. A business operating entirely in cash can measure its profits by withdrawing the entire bank balance at the end of the period, plus any cash in hand.However, many businesses are not gainful at one time they build up inventories of goods and they acquire buildings and equipment. In other dustup businesses put one over assets and so they cannot, even if they want to, immediately turn these into cash at the end of each period. Often, these businesses owe money to suppliers and to tax authorities, and the proprietors do not withdraw all their original capital and profits at the end of each period. In other words businesses also deplete liabilities.wikipedia, balance sheetA balance sheet summarizes an organization or individuals assets, equity and liabilities at a specific point in time. We have two forms of balance sheet. They are the report form and the account form. Individ uals and downhearted businesses tend to have simple balance sheets. the original, 07,15,2007 Larger businesses tend to have more complex balance sheets, and these are presented in the organizations annual report. Microsoft wad balance sheet, June 30, 2004 Large businesses also may prepare balance sheets for segments of their businesses.Global FinancingA balance sheet is often presented alongside one for a different point in time (typically the previous year) for comparison. Balance sheet comparing two closing balance sheets A personal balance sheet lists current assets such as cash in checking accounts and savings accounts, long-term assets such as common stock and real estate, current liabilities such as add debt and mortgage debt due, or overdue, long-term liabilities such as mortgage and other loan debt.Securities and real estate values are listed at food market value rather than at historical salute or cost basis. Personal net worth is the difference between an individuals summate assets and total liabilities. Personal balance sheet structure A small business balance sheet lists current assets such as cash, accounts receivable, and inventory, fixed assets such as land, buildings, and equipment, intangible assets such as patents, and liabilities such as accounts payable, accrued expenses, and long-term debt.Contingent liabilities such as warranties are noted in the footnotes to the balance sheet. The small businesss equity is the difference between total assets and total liabilities. Small Business Administration There are anther typesetters case of balance sheet is US small business balance sheet. It is a small business balance sheet lists current assets such as cash, accounts receivable, and inventory, fixed assets such as land, buildings, and equipment, intangible assets such as patents, and liabilities such as accounts payable, accrued expenses, and long-term debt.Contingent liabilities such as warranties are noted in the footnotes to the balanc e sheet. The small businesss equity is the difference between total assets and total liabilities. Guidelines for balance sheets of public business entities are assumption by the International Accounting Standards Board and numerous country-specific organizations/companys. Balance sheet account names and usage depend on the organizations country and the type of organization. Government organizations do not generally follow standards established for individuals or businesses.Personal balance If applicable to the business, summary values for the pursual items should be accommodated in the balance sheet16 Assets are all the things the business owns, this will include property, tools, cars,Current assets,Cash and cash equivalents, Accounts receivable,Inventories,Prepaid expensesfor future services that will be used inwardly a year,Non-current assets (Fixed assets),Investment property, such as real estate held for investment purposes,Intangible assets,Financial assets (excluding inves tments accounted for utilise the equity method, accounts receivables, and cash and cash equivalents), Investmentsaccounted for using the equity method, Biological assets, which are living plants or animals.Bearer biological assets are plants or animals which bear boorish produce for harvest, such as apple trees grown to produce apples and sheep embossed to produce wool. Epstein, Barry J. Eva K. Jermakowicz ,2007 the liabilities is include Accounts payable, Provisionsfor warranties or court decisions,Financial liabilities (excluding provisions and accounts payable), such as promissory notes and corporate bonds,Liabilities and assets for current tax,Deferred taxliabilities and deferred tax assets,Unearned revenue for services paid for by customers but not yet provided. Further more The net assets shown by the balance sheet equals the third part of the balance sheet, which is known as the shareholders equity.It comprisesIssued capital and reserves attributable to equity holders of the parent company (controlling interest), Non-controlling interestin equity. Formally, shareholders equity is part of the companys liabilities they are funds owing to shareholders (after payment of all other liabilities) usually, however, liabilities is used in the more restrictive sense of liabilities excluding shareholders equity. The balance of assets and liabilities (including shareholders equity) is not a coincidence. Records of the values of each account in the balance sheet are maintained using a system of accounting known as double-entry bookkeeping. In this sense, shareholders equity by construction must(prenominal) equal assets minus liabilities, and are a residual.Regarding the items in equity section, the following disclosures are required Numbers of shares authorized, issued and amply paid, and issued but not fully paid, Par valueof shares, Reconciliation of shares outstanding at the beginning and the end of the period, translation of rights, preferences, and restri ctions of shares, Treasury shares, including shares held by subsidiaries and associates, Shares reserved for issuance under options and contracts, A interpretation of the nature and purpose of each reserve within owners equity The function part in this essay will introduce Balance sheet substantiation. Balance shred checkout is the accounting process conducted by businesses on a regular basis to confirm that the balances held in the primary accounting system of record (e. g. SAP, Oracle, other ERP systems General Ledger) are reconciled (in balance with) with the balance and transaction records held in the same or supporting sub-systems.Balance rag week Substantiation includes multiple processes including reconciliation (at a transactional or at a balance take aim) of the account, a process of review of the reconciliation and any apt supporting documentation and a formal certification (sign-off) of the account in a predetermined form driven by corporate policy. Balance Sheet Su bstantiation is an important process that is typically carried out on a monthly, quarterly and year-end basis. The results help to drive the regulatory balance sheet reporting obligations of the organization. Historically, Balance Sheet Substantiation has been a all told manual process, driven by spreadsheets, email and manual monitoring and reporting.In new-fangled years software solutions have been developed to bring a level of process automation, standardization and enhanced control to the Balance Sheet Substantiation or account certification process. These solutions are suitable for organizations with a mellow volume of accounts and/or personnel involved in the Balance Sheet Substantiation process and can be used to drive efficiencies, ameliorate transparency and help to reduce risk. Balance Sheet Substantiation is a key control process in the SOX 404 top-down risk assessment. University of capital of Seychelles (Canada) balance sheet accounts To sum up, it can be seen that the balance sheet have a lot of point, it worth to research, to think deeply. The balance sheet is the first step of your accounting career, it also is the skill which will follow you whole accounting career.

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Original Marriage Polygamy Essay

Once referred to as the original marriage Polygamy is direct an alternative conductstyle lived by umpteen, but is it right? There ar multiple countries around the world that believe that this is in fact an applicable way of living. The Origins of polygamy atomic number 18 extremely vast and ar per workd tot bothy everyplace the world. However, in the get together solid grounds it is illegal, yet at that place be m either knowing individuals who still partake in this style of living. It is reported that there atomic number 18 40,000 people living in polygamous families or communities crossways the Western region of the U. S (Scharnberg &Brachear, 2006).Should these people be prosecuted? Or ar we as Americans pre judging a lifestyle that we know nothing al almost? In this paper, I will discuss what polygamy is, the controversies surrounding polygamy in the United States, and how polygamy emerged and extended through various cultures and religions globally. In addition, I will yet explain if it is still practiced, and if so, is it accredited and acknowledged by their creed. Polygamy consists of three forms they are polygyny, polyandry, and group marriage. Polygyny is the practice of having more than hotshot wife at the similar time.This was the original name for polygamy during the ninetieth century, it subsequently became known as polygamy. The support form is polyandry which is the act of having many husbands at more than one time. Of the three, this practice is rare it was traditionally practiced among Tibetans in Nepal and parts of China. The final form is group marriage (also referred to as circle marriage) this is the act of multiple wowork force and men forming a single family. All constituents of the marriage share parental duties of any children they may overhear or will be created within their circle. many an(prenominal) practitioners feel that they are misunderstood and misjudged and feel that a monogamous birth is ultimately i mpossible to maintain and that polygamy is a culture that is honest and direct with each other. Amy Kaufman believes that The most prevalent objection to polygamy is that it demeans women. (Kaufman, 2005) It is also argued to be other form of slavery where children are at risk every daylight because in many cases they are conditioned to embrace a life of servitude. In any essence, Polygamy still exists and is practiced around the world.All though there arent many cases surrounding polygamy it is a severely contentious thing. In the United States it is difficult to prove that polygamy is of existence. Even though polygamy is considered a crime, Individuals are rarely charged because it is extremely difficult to encourage polygamist or ex polygamist to come forth. Many of them are scared of being proscribe from their community or even prosecuted for admitting that theyve partaken in polygamy. Unfortunately, without any choices of their own, children are innate(p) in to polygamy and the mental damaged is already done.They see nothing misemploy with underage marriage, pregnancy and incest. There are several controversies surrounding this topic one of which is organized under aged marriages. In the case of the State of Utah vs. Holms Suzie Stubbs was married to her husband Rodney H. Holm in 1986. Holms a member of the fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints participated in a marriage ceremony (while still married to his first wife) with 16-year aged(prenominal) Ruth Stubbs. Ruth claimed that she was forced into marrying her sisters husband.Suzie Stubbs was later arrested all though she wasnt charged for polygamy she was charged with abetting bigamy and illegal sex. One of the largest gyves cases in the United States history was the Texas polygamist custody case. It initiated with a 16-year old missy repeatedly calling an abuse hotline, claiming to be beaten and forced to give-up the ghost a spiritual wife to an adult man. Acting on he r calls Texas tiddler welfare services removed all 439 (ranging in ages from infants to teenagers, and teenage mothers) children from the importunate for Zion Ranch.The children were placed in foster care until the state Supreme philander ruled. It was later detected that the phone calls were fake. The children were later returned to the ranch. Arguably one of the most controversial polygamy cases in the United States was Warren Jeffs. Warren Jeff was the president of the fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints (FLDS) from 2002- 2007. Separating themselves from mainstream Mormonism, the FLDS group distinct to continue monogamy since Utah denounced Polygamy in 1890. They began building residential structures in El Dorado, Texas, Colorado City and Arizona.Unlike Islamic belief, In Africa women are not given the authority to decide whether theyre husbands can have multiple wives. In Africa, polygamy is used to show a mans wealth and it is also utilized to display a mans virility and need for sexual satisfaction. Men can also amass wives as a result through inheritance. In the unfortunate event of a husbands passing his brother would take over his household which includes his wife. In instances where there are multiple wives, they would be distributed among the be brothers.There is a lot of resentment between the wives. With hopes to eliminate one another many of the wives performed witch craft on each other. The children are put against each other, and in some severe cases, are boost to kill their father with the hopes of inheriting his wealth and status. In ancient India, Polygamy was principally among warriors castes and rich merchants, while the sages and seers were strictly monogamous or in all celibate. Although it was never a popular practice in ancient India, It was accepted for the procreation and continuation of family lineage.Polygamy in ancient India was considered a matter of personalised choice. Several Hindu gods were of ten depicted as polygamous. It was noted that churchman Krishna had 16,108 wives. It was tradition that the women in Hinduism never be left alone with males. analogous to African polygamy, in the event of her husbands death she mustiness marry her husbands brother. The Hindu law books later do provisions on polygamy. Present day Hindus consider both polygamy and polyandry antediluvial and inadequate and no longer practice the belief.In conclusion, whether your views on polygamy are positive or negative, it appears to be a lifestyle that will forever exist. Polygamy is a culture that is practiced globally. Initially the reasoning was solely for procreation. It has later become a religious tenet, and a matter of choice. It is arguably compared and associated with laughable and lesbian marriage rights. Many polygamists feel that they are being naked from their right to live freely. However if living freely involves sexual assaulting minors, and secluding their schoolgirlish fr om civilization, then maybe polygamy should stay illegal in the United States.

Authority in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Essay

On the surface, b beness of the eagle-eyed infinite Runner and unrivaled Flew Over the Cuckoos cuddle seem like deuce very different films. aloneness is filmed in black and white and takes place in an English borstal school Cuckoos Nest takes place in an American psychiatric ward and is presented in color. Dig a little deeper, however, and it is make learning abilityway that these films argon actu aloney quite similar. Each film depicts the rebellious protaganistsColin and McMurphyattempting to control the oppressive figures of ascendencethe regulator and nanny Ratched.Because of the nature of the films, viewers are lead to consider Colin and McMurphy heroes and to despise the governing. While it is hard to deny that the regulator and Nurse Ratched take int at times take wages of their jurisdiction, it is also unfair to argue against the fact that they are just two peck doing their jobs. Both Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest de pict rebels who are sentenceed. The authorities at the psychiatric ward and the borstal have strict rules and expect Randle Patick McMurphy and Colin smith to conform to these rules, just as every other patient or student has done.The differences between the tone and outcome of these two films are a result of the differences between the types of characters who represent authority. In Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, authorities are shown to be invasive and aggressive. As Colin mentions in the enterprise line of the film, his family is always running from the police. Further into the film, a flashback shows a scout tracking Colin down at his house after he steals from a bakery. Before finally catching him, the detective is very persistent in his efforts to catch Colin.This surly man provides a search warrant solely is unsuccessful in his attempts to locate the stolen money, so he tells Colin that he testament be fascinateing him. The true authority figure in Loneliness, though, is the Governor at Ruxton Towers. The Governor is a nice man with absolute power. At the borstal he runs everything by the book. He holds the boys to very strict rules and standards, from having to wear uniforms to having a monitored sleeping schedule. With the boys living and going to school in the same place, thither is really no way of escaping the watch of the Governor.In fact, he charge comes into the locker room and has conversations with the boys while they are in the shower. Throughout the film, there are also several religious undertones present in the design of authority, shown primarily in the singing of the English hymn Jerusalem. The Governor uses accordance as a tool to strengthen his school. His main goal is perception for the school and for himself. In Cuckoos Nest, Nurse Ratched is depicted as a very cold figure. She runs the psychiatric ward with an iron fist.Yes, she answers to the head doctors and has a large staff to help her, but she runs the plac e. The nurse takes benefit of the vulnerability of her patients. In group therapy sessions, she often pushes the men to talk round experiences that they are unwilling to talk about. She uses her friendship with Billys let as a threat in order to get him to get together with her. Instead of listening to what McMurphy and the other patients requisite to do, she pushes her own agenda. When McMurphy and the others call for to watch a game of baseball, she wont let them for the sole social function of not giving McMurphy what he wants.It seems as though the head doctors (the peck who should really be the authority) are oblivious to the actions of Nurse Ratched. In fact, they sycophancy her work and there is no one capable of arguing with them. It is enkindle to note that in terms of authority, there is no religious resource in thie film like in Loneliness. Instead, it is McMurphy who appears Christ-like and takes on disciples. Nurse Ratched uses amity to get her patients to do as she says. Her goal is to try to fix each(prenominal) of them. The Governor is mostly prize by the boys.Hes a nice man, but everyone is afraid of him because of his power, just as employees fear their bosses. They dont mess with him because they know they can only get so far. He has total control over them because they eat, sleep, and go to school all under his watch. Ruxton Towers is the type of place a teenage boy would want to escape from, but the Governor has made the boys feel as though escape is beyond reality. Nurse Ratched, on the other hand, is not respected by her patients. This is a direct result of her concern with getting sight to do as she says rather than gaining their respect.Though she demands to be taken seriously, she rarely is. Her patients are all tired of her oppression but lack the tangible and mental capacity to do anything about it. Also, like in Loneliness, her authority is not challenged simply because her subjects are afraid of her. Randle McMur phy and Colin Smith are game-changers. Their arrivals put their cohorts to act out against the system. We see the authority of the Governor challenged in the nutrient fight scene and the authority of Nurse Ratched challenged in the fishing scene. However, Colin and Randle doom themselves in their final acts of defiance.Colin throwing the race results in his contemptment by the borstal Randle throwing a society and chocking Nurse Ratched results in his lobotomy. In going against authority, these protagonists are left worse off than they were before. Nurse Ratched and the Governor each bring down the antihero. scarcely does that warrant them heroes? No. It doesnt make them good or bad. Yes, Nurse Ratched seems evil and the Governor seems overbearing, but we are only viewing them through and through a lens. They lead a system bad enough for people to want to rebel against it, but maybe that rebellion is against the system and not the characters.These are two characters merely doin g their jobs. Their borstal and psychiatric ward are not ones that I would want to be in, but I wouldnt want to be in any borstal or psychiatric ward. Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest contain similar themes and represent similar figures of authority. Nurse Ratched and the Governor are not the most likeable characters. They desire order and take payoff of their power, and that makes us dislike them. But none of their actions are unprovoked. They have snarly jobs and they made mistakes. Theyre human.

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Ethical Issue of the Contraceptive Mandate Essay

The come in of the contraceptive method assign may be one of the biggest governmental stories of the year. It is a law brought off by the Obama administration that requires all employers to offer contraceptive go onage. This has been a necessary for all company healthcare coverage programs for many years already but spectral affiliates cast off been exempt from following the rein ins. Obama is looking to change all that by requiring even religion-based employers, who confound previously non offered coverage, to participate. much(prenominal) services indispensable by the contraception mandate volition scandalise some of these religion-based employers moral conscience.RuleFrom the contraception mandate issue, two contend ethical rules are safes and justice/ wanness. From Velasquezs Business Ethics Concepts and Cases, the rights rule is an individuals entitlement to something. It can address the contraception mandate from both(prenominal) an individual and a corporate issue. The rights rule is being processed more(prenominal) from the spectral-based employers point of view. The justice/fairness rule being discussed in this courting brief is the equalitarianism view. Egalitarianism is every person should be give exactly tinct shares of a societys or a groups profits and burdens. It addresses the contraception mandate from a systemic issueAnalysis1. Rights Religious bases do not want to deplete to cover conduct control in their indemnity plans for employees. Such services unavoidable by the contraception mandate will violate these religion-based governing bodys moral conscience. Thus, the contraception mandate can be viewed as an obstruction of the constitutional rights presented in the First Amendment.The First Amendment of the United States Constitution reads as following congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the plain bore thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. In the First Amendment, all individuals are entitled to freedom of religion. Many of the religion-based institutions assign that the first amendment allows people the freedom to follow their sacred convictions and that they cannot be constrained to act against them. The government through the contraception mandate is forcing constraints on the spectral freedom of the religious affiliated institutions and their employees.2. Justice/Fairness The justice/fairness rule of egalitarianism will say the contraception mandate is more or less womens health rights. According to an egalitarian, goods should be allocated to people in equal portions. Thus, all women should have access to equal healthcare services, including the contraceptive services. The egalitarianism view signals that supporting a rights rule would limit the whole cosmos based on someone elses moral ideals and not scientific medical information.Women, along with many men, want to have sex for non-procreative purposes in spite of edicts passed down by religious texts. Women should have access to contraceptives. Egalitarians also argue everyone is entitled to practice session their own religion and refrain from taking birth control, but every employer is prevented from discriminating against their employees on the basis of religious freedom. The gust of the contraception mandate would be a huge setback for womens reproductive freedom. It would go back to say womens bodies are not their own. ConclusionIn my opinion, I believe that the rights rule is the correct entree to the contraception mandate. All companies, excluding religion-based employers, before were required to provide contraceptive coverage. straight off under the Health and Human Services contraception mandate, those religious-based employers are required to provide contraceptive coverage. The First Amendment promises the entitl ement to religious freedom and the practicing religious convictions. I believe forcing this healthcare service onto religious affiliated institutions is obstructing their right to practice religious convictions, hence their moral convictions.The larger portion of employed women will already be covered prior to this contraception mandate. It is only the attachment of employed women at religious affiliated institutions. I am lean to think the female employees of religious affiliated institutions would share the same religious and moral views of that religious affiliated institution. If a religious affiliated institution believes it is morally accepting for the use of contraceptives, good for them. But for a religious affiliated institution that believes it is against their religious convictions to provide employees with contraceptives, the government should not have any authority to force such a mandate.Following political backlash for the contraception mandate, President Obama has since revised the original mandate. He has added an accommodation, just ab discover like a clause, that allows the religion-based employers the opportunity to opt out and not have to directly cover birth control in their healthcare insurance plans. The insurance company hired to cover the religious affiliated institutions employees cannot opt out. The insurers themselves would be required to make contraceptives available free of charge to women anyway.This is a clear political move to gain more favoritism in hopes of a reelection. I see this move by Obama as an attempted reversal of the mandate after viewing the religious opposition that was evoked by mandate. Also what Obama has failed to think of are the ancestry implications of this new accommodationoffering the contraceptives at no cost from the opted out religious affiliated employer and employees. Insurance companies will not offer this benefit at no cost contraceptive drug companies will not offer the medicine at no cost an d doctors will not provide treatment without payment. The only logical conclusion, at least the improvident run, will result in higher healthcare insurance premiums.To have avoided religious invasion, political backlash, and increased insurance premiums, I logically draw a bead on the Obama Administration should simply give women without access to contraceptive services a federal voucher.

Cyber Bullying Essay

Peer to peer bulling is nothing smart. It has been going on for generation after generation. However the times rush now changed since new technology has made it possible for peers to bully unmatched another with step up nevertheless having to be face to face. This form of bullying is ph unity called Cyber Bullying. Teens turn fun, necessary devices into weapons through the use of social networking websites, chat rooms and text electronic messaging and there are even more ways possible, and through this they call each other names, belittle, and threaten kids to in some serious cases, the baksheesh of suicide.I believe its consequential to be educated near Cyber Bullying because it will champion prevent it from further happening, it will convey bullies right what reactions they are causing to the victims emotionally, and will show kids who are be bullied that it is OK to consult an adult nigh it. If we were to educate people close to cyber bullying, it could show people that there is a very bad conundrum going on right this moment. Victims dont speak up, Schools scarce dont notice it, so it is the educated unmatchables jobs to seek it out and help the put under.Once something is posted on the internet it will dumbfound there forever, and if you know how to use a computer or lively device, you can see just what is happening to your youngster or what your child is doing to others, anybodys child really. Cyber Bullies in most cases are either teenagers who sustain been bullied or nominate friends that bully and want to fit in, look cool, and to just show they have power over other peers. The I-SAFE Foundation account that over half(prenominal) of teens and adolescents have been bullied online and astir(predicate) the same number have engaged in cyber bullying.These numbers are mind blowing, over half? We have a problem and we need to solve it. If you see a possible case of cyber bullying, report it to the school board and/or Police. If yo ur a teen and you are beingness or know of someone being cyber bullied, tell a parent, guardian, favorite teacher, big brother, anyone who can do something about it, a number of teens commit suicide everyday because of cyber bullying, and you telling one person can save someones life.Most cyber bullies just dont know what it does to the victim on the other side. Educating victims about cyber bullying is one of the most important of all. The victims need to learn that it is okto report a cyber bullying, it wont stop any other way, unless the bully gets bore which usually, is never the case. After a amount of time of getting bullied the victims authorization goes down, along with self esteem, and questions come up on, why am I alone?Victims are never alone, there will always be an adult that can help you. So far there have been around 13 million suicides cause by cyber bullying, if you thought one was too many, well try 13 million. The Cyber Bully Research burden reports that almo st every case of the suicides in of teens and adolescents thinking there is no way out, they are completely alone, and there is nothing to do about it.Well they can do something about it but even yet, less than 1 in 5 cyber bullying incidents are reported to police force enforcement, and 58% of teens never even tell their parents anything about the situation. It is very important to be educated about cyber bullying because of all of the good that comes from collar all that goes on. People being educated will save lives, help victims lives improve ten fold, it shows the bullies just what they are doing to the victims, and can prevent this issue to ever be forced upon any teen and adolescent.

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Culture and Diversity in Decision Making Essay

The rendering of the mission and inclinations of the enterprise is the foundation for any business. Mission is the answer to the question, what is the activity of the corporation is and what it intends to do. Procter & Gamble has a pretty clear statement We atomic number 18 there to improve your life After the mission, the organization needs to designate the purpose. In this case, the goal to produce goods and services of the highest quality and customer set that improve the lives of todays and future generations around the world. Consumers help to invite a leading position in terms of gross revenue, to ensure the prosperity of the business that contributes to the well-being of employees and shareholders, as well as those areas where employees live and diddle. The goal unites workers for the common cause of the growth strategy. It has great potential due to a simple idea to improve on daily lives of consumers around the world. It is this backcloth allows P G to achieve maximum full growth. So, from the above we plenty highlight the important goalsof the follow A. Providing quality products, customer focusB. Creating a stable, growing company.3. About the PG companys subtlety signs.The company provides a certain amount of self dependence divisional governance structure that provides greater flexibility and faster response to changes in the business environment compared to the linear and linear- provide. Managerial responsibility for the activities of the company both in the domestic and foreign market is shared between them. This fiber of structure combines centralized coordination and control of centrally managed. Key figures in the guidance of an organization with a divisional structure not heads of functional units, and the managers in charge of the production de furcatement, the so-called divisions. The company groups are formed by categories, all(prenominal) of which includes experts in marketing, sales and advertising. These narrow s pecialists provide each its part under the direct control of the manager category.The level of the manager is very(prenominal) high. 4. Factors that caused the organization to embody this particular culture. PG company has been on the job(p) toward keeping its reputation and standards in all field. Since it was established, PG has reinforced rich heritage of touching consumers lives with brands that make life a myopic better every day. Here is to motto says Do the Right function For each other The culture of the company is based on the fundamental moral and ethical values drawing cardship, striving for the victory, the hosts respect, honestness and trust. These values are not something abstract they define the actions of the company. 5. What type of leader would be the best?In my opinion there are umteen reasons that this leader structure will be effective. First, as part of a huge company it managed to create an environment where every employee is interesting to work with . The responsibility of each employee, including the manager is the main driving force effectiveness. And this is the aftermath of the constructed frame of wariness, whose main task is to create conditions for the moral and material interests of each employee. Second, the complexity of management and incorporated management style in this company is proposed to use a single control method. The management system is structured in a complex offunctional subsystems. That is, they include highlights key subsystems at heart each of which formed goals, measurable indicators are introduced, developed a system for calculating them are formalized standards, business processes and organizational procedures.Disconnected from the management of the business functions of the companys managers are moving to a collective system of integrated management of business functions. 6. Imagine that there is a decline in the assume of products. What the change in culture would be need to be in response to this situation. I think companys CEO should work with the sales department. Look up their regular planning and control of the department and its employees, hiring, selection and adaptation of staff employee motivation, training, exchange of experience, the general debriefing, evaluation of the department, the calculation of cost of sales, cost of sales regulation, evaluation of individual performance of employees. In one word they wear to find out their mistake and fix it, because without a reason demand not decreasing itself.ReferencesCNBC television channel Documentary film intimately Procter Gamble company. Retrieved fromhttp// Charan, R. (2008, August 26). PGs transformation culture How we built the world-class organic growth engine by investing in people.Retrieved from http// Procter and Gamble. (2013). Our worldwide business go on manual. Retrieved from http// rnance/Policy_Worldwide_Business Conduct_Manual.pdf Schermerhorn, J. R. (2012). Organizational behavior (12th ed.). Danvers, MA John Wiley Sons, Inc

An Examination of Relationship Between Anxiety and Insomnia

solicitude is publicly associated with insomnia. Many investigate have been do in this bea. The results of the previous enquiry studies often revealed strong affinitys betwixt foreboding and insomnia. Often, fretting and insomnia dirty dog be frequently associated with depression. This explore canvas was conducted among hunting watch College students in aver to investigate a relationship surrounded by trouble and insomnia. on that point were 22 students participating in the look for, between ages 18 and 34. dozen of them were males and ten were females.There was a multiple-choice capitulumnaire, adequate from new(prenominal) research studies, with four possible answers from 0 non at all fazed to 3 severely bo on that pointd. The obtained results in full supported the hypothesis that in that respect is a substantial positive correlation between perplexity and insomnia. The high is foreboding train, the higher is insomnia level. Neverthe little, the re search had its own limitations, and further modifications of a research physique could be done in this argona of study. An Examination of a kin Between Anxiety and Insomnia Anxiety is usually associated with insomnia.A physical body of research studies in this area support the idea that insomnia and worship have common mechanisms that underlie or maintain these difficulties (Fairholme, 2012). Some studies investigate the association between worry, depression and insomnia, which often co-occur at the same measure (Jansson-Frojmark, 2008). However, the caput roughly cause-effect in this relationship between anguish and insomnia still remains. In his article, Pacana (2010) stated that the perplexity disorders became the most common mental disorders in the evenfall in States.Nineteen percent of the tribe suffers from these afflictions every year. There are sise major types of fear Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Phobias, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, obsessive Compuls ive Disorder, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Approximately one fifth of separates seek interference for these disorders. The estimated coast of anxiety disorders in the country is near 50 one million million dollars in any given year. Pacan (2010) in addition wrote, that anxiety is a merchandise of the central nervous systems physiological and emotional chemical reaction to ambiguous sense of fear or threat.Anxiety whitethorn look even when there is no presence of actual life or health threats. Sometimes, anxiety can be so overwhelming and arduous that it becomes a threat itself afterwards a while. An Anxiety Disorder develops after the anxiety becomes severe, easy to bring out, occurs too frequent, or stays for too long. accord to Pacan (2010), an anxiety is difficult to describe or pulsation. Luckily, psychologists have a number of tools for assessing a persons level of anxiety. A Beck Anxiety stocktaking (BAI) is one of the methods administered by Aaron Beck. Its a 21question multiple-choice questionnaire that measures an somewhatones anxiety level. There are four possible answers for each question whipd from 0 (NO not at all) to 3 (YES and I could barely raise it). Each answer indicates the emotional state of an individualist in the hold week, expressed as common symptoms of anxiety ( such as unsteadiness, wobbliness, nervousness, or fuss in breathing, etc. ). The cumulative scores hightail it from 0 to 63, which measure the anxiety level. The higher the score is, the more severe is the anxiety level.The higher scores indicate that an individual whitethorn have very skillful and health-threating implications, bid snooze to-do or more severe breed of sleep deprivation insomnia. Jansson (2007) indicated that insomnia is another prevalent condition in the population of the united States and worldwide. The prevalence of insomnia ranges from nine to twelve percent in adulthood. Generally, insomnia is viewed as a persistent co ndition and defined as number of intertwined conditions, such as difficulty getting to sleep at bedtime, waking up too early in the morning, not getting enough sleep at dark, etc.Individuals experiencing insomnia also complain slightly negative twenty-four hours symptoms, like distress or impairment in sociable, or other vital areas of functioning. According to Bogan (2007), insomnia is associated with significant health-related consequences. The estimated healthcare coast of insomnia in the United States is approximately 14 billion dollars. People with abnormal sleep are more presumable to experience anxiety and depression and suffer other serious consequences, like drug or alcohol abuse and an change magnitude incidence of medical and psychiatric disorders.Unfortunately, severe insomnia may cause driving-related accidents and an boilersuit increase in mortality rate. Although there are many factors that can contribute to sleeping disturbance, one of the most known is Anxiety. Buckner (2008) stated that insomnia is commonly associated with anxiety, and that sleep quality impairments, such as insomnia, can constitute a significant risk factor for emergence of anxiety disorders. The study utilise bivariate correlations to examine a relationship between social anxiety and insomnia in the undergraduate students.There was an association found between social anxiety and sleep dissatisfaction, sleep-related functional impairment, perception of a sleep difficulty to others, and distress about sleep problems. Jansson-Frojmark (2008) conducted research study about bidirectional relationship between anxiety and depression and insomnia. The revealed results indicate that anxiety and insomnia are significantly inter-correlated. The study utilise bidirectional correlation to demonstrate the relationship between anxiety and depression separately, and then their relationship with insomnia, using a prospective design in the general population.Although the research sh owed the bidirectional interrelationship between anxiety, depression and insomnia, the question about cause-effect relationship, where anxiety and depression bring insomnia, or vise versa, still remains. In 2012, Fairhome conducted research study about emotional disorders, insomnia, and common factors that underlie or maintain these difficulties. The results supported a hypothesis that common mechanisms are involved for emotional disorders and insomnia. One of the factors that may explain these mechanisms is anxiety sensitivity (AS).AS might function as a mechanism for the maintenance of sleep deprivation in order of anxiety and mood disorders. Anxiety sensitivity is a fear of anxiety-related sensations, which has been theorized as a heritable risk factor involved in development and maintenance of emotional disorders. For instance, an individual can believe that racing subject matter will cause a heart attack or that temporal role loss of a sense of reality will transform into i nsanity. That is, an individuals faulty beliefs of the danger of emotional disorders or sleep disturbance may increase physical symptoms of anxiety or insomnia, or both.The head of this research study is to examine the relationship between anxiety and insomnia among college students. It was hypothesized that there will be a positive correlation between anxiety and insomnia, that the higher is an anxiety level the higher is an insomnia level. Method Participants A gubbins sample of Hunter College students was used. There were 22 thespians (N = 22) voluntarily participating in the research study, from the ages of 18 to 34 years old, with an average age of 21 (SD = 3. 28). There were twelve males (54. 5%) and ten females (45. %) of different demographic backgrounds, liveliness mostly in the city of Manhattan or the other four boroughs of juvenile York City. All of the instrumentalists were randomly selected and were proposed to participate in the research. Materials A questionnai re form was used to collect the data (See Appendix). Twenty questions about anxiety were adapted from Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) (Beck, 1988), and 20 questions about insomnia were adapted from Pittsburg Insomnia Rating Scale (PIRS) administered by Moul, D. E. and other researchers in their preliminary study of the test-retest reliability and concurrent validities of the PIRS in 2002.There are 66 questions (For example, Consider the quality of your sleep in the last week Difficulty getting to sleep at bedtime) multiple-choice questionnaire with four possible answers for each question (For example 0 not at all bothered 1 Slightly bothered 2 Moderately bothered 3 Severely bothered) (Moul, 2002). The ordered response options for the questions were adapted from PIRS (Moul, 2002). For the answers for each of 40 questions the Likert scale was used from nix to three (0 not at all bothered, 1 Slightly bothered, 2 Moderately bothered, 3 Severely bothered).I went to the third floor of the Hunter College (695 Park Ave building), during the fall 2012 semester and started asking passing by students to participate in my research. Each participant received a consent form and a self-report questionnaire. They were asked to fill in questionnaire about factors that influence good sleep patterns. The participants were told to finish all 40 questions by filling in the numbers that best corresponded to their opinion about each item. After the data was collected, the cumulative scores for anxiety and insomnia were counted for each participant, and the data were collected in an excel file.Then the SPSS program was feast in order to organize and interpret the raw data. Results A bestow number of 22 participants (N = 22, SD = 3. 28) participated in the research. Ten of them were females (45. 5%) and twelve were males (54. 5%), with an average age of 21 (36. 4%), a variance of 10. 7, and a range of 16. The newbornest participant was 18 years old, and the eldest was 34 year s old (See Table 1). The mean anxiety score was 15. 95 (SD = 10. 55), with a range of 40. A mean score for insomnia was 24. 27 (SD = 15. 63), with a range of 54. The minimum scores for anxiety and insomnia were zero and five, and the maximum scores were 40 and 59.To determine whether there was a significant positive correlation between anxiety and insomnia, the Pearsons Correlation test was conducted. There was a significant correlation obtained for anxiety and insomnia, r (22) = . 74, p . 01 (See Table 2). Discussion The obtained results fully support the hypothesis that there is a relationship between anxiety and insomnia. The results indicate that the relationship between anxiety and insomnia is strong and positive (See variety 1), meaning that anxiety and insomnia levels change in the same direction.For instance, when the anxiety level goes up, the insomnia level goes up too. Generally speaking, the association between anxiety and insomnia indicates that individuals who are vu lnerable to stress and other emotional disturbances are more possible to experience sleep deprivation at normal sleep time hours. Individuals who suffer from bad night sleep are more in all likelihood to feel anxious the next day. In this research the minimum score of zero for anxiety (See Table 1) indicates that at least one participant did not fill in any number other than zero at bottom the anxiety questions in the questionnaire.However, the minimum score of five within the insomnia questions means that all of the participants experienced insomnia at the time of conducting research. All of that could likely have different explanation for students insomnia. It could be caused by well-nighthing other than anxiety, like a physical problem, or loud neighborhood, etc. The student could evidently not be honest about his or her anxiety, filling in zeros for every anxiety question.The results that were obtained in this research study are very similar to the results from previous re search studies about anxiety and insomnia relationships, which were mentioned above (Buckner, J. D. , 2008, Fairhokme, C. P. , 2012, Jansson-Frojmark, M. , 2008, and Jansson, M. , 2007). In the Fairholme (2012) research it was discussed that individuals with anxiety sensitivity have a fear that their sleeping problems are related to some kind of health problem, which can make the individuals even more anxious and more likely to acquire serious disorders, like chronic insomnia.In this case a situation becomes a vicious circle. An individual gets more anxious because cannot sleep well at night, and he or she gets problems with falling asleep because he or she is too anxious about whole situation. It is possible that some of the students from our research have AS, which affected their good sleep patterns. This research results do not show any evidence for cause-effect relationship between anxiety and insomnia, though. It is hard to say whether anxiety causes insomnia, or the other way around, or whether anxiety and insomnia cause each other.It is hard to draw serious conclusions about what actually caused insomnia and anxiety in the observed students in this research study. It is also hard to say if participants had anxiety, or depression, or both due to the neglect of possibility to differentiate anxiety from depression in this research. Sometimes anxiety and depression have the same symptoms, and that could have resulted in some errors in the questionnaire in this research. In the Jansson-Frojmark (2008) research study it was stated that relationship between anxiety and depression and insomnia is inter-correlated.Moreover, it was said that these three factors could simply co-occur in some cases. For example, an individual suffers from anxiety, which makes him or her experience insomnia, and whole that situation makes an individual be depressed. In this study, the combination of anxiety, depression and insomnia could be present conditions for some or for all of the participants. Although we cannot approve a cause-effect relationship between anxiety and insomnia, it is essential to say that sleep quality impairments can serve as a significant factor for anxiety disorders development or debility versa.According to Buckner research study (2008) individuals with history of insomnia are at greater risk for the later emergence of an anxiety disorder. When an individual had bad night sleep, he or she can feel weak, disorganized, tired, or simply he or she can feel moody or even mad. If the individual experiences the same problems over and over again for a long-term period, he or she can develop a fear from experiencing problems with sleep. For example, I am so afraid I will not be able to fall asleep tonight again, and that makes me so anxious. After a while, that fear of insomnia can be transformed into an anxiety disorder. In this research a maximum score for insomnia is 59, comparing to anxiety maximum score of 40 can indicate that on averag e insomnia occurs in bigger academic degree than anxiety in these participants. That could possibly mean that insomnia in the participants was associated with factors other than anxiety during the time of conducting the study. For example, a participant has a snoring roommate, or there is construction outside making an annoying noise early in the morning.In this case, without talking to each participant individually, it is impossible to conclude what was a real reason for the sleep disturbance, and for how long a participant has been experiencing it. There are few possible limitations of this research study, like a fine size of a sample, specific population Hunter College students, and lack of entree to information about participants. The convenient sample size is not muteness enough for generalizing the obtained results. Twenty-two participants cannot fully reflect the real situation regarding relationship between anxiety and insomnia.Small sample in this research could malar key to getting a Type I error, the obtained result is probably not significant as we think it is. Perhaps, most of the participants were interested in the research just because they did have both problems anxiety and insomnia presented in their lives at a moment of conducting the research study. Moreover, any college students often have anxiety and insomnia occurring in the end of the semester (the research study was conducted in the end of the semester of fall, 2012).Conceivably, students were getting through and through the tests and exams at this particular time, and all that could cause anxiety and insomnia during a short-term period. Another reason to be concerned about a harshness of the results is that we do not know enough information about the participants, like if they have anxiety or insomnia occurred earlier, and how many times before. Some of the participants could simply be taking some medications, which were prescribed to prevent or trigger the emergence of anxiety and insomnia. Despite these limitations, this research study contributes to the future gross of anxiety and insomnia research studies.For the future work in this area, it would be raise to add some questions about depression to questionnaire, and ask more details about participants life events and possible stressors. Gender differences may also play a substantial role in this research study. Females are more likely to experience emotional disruptions than males. For instance, according to Bogan (2007) young women are especially vulnerable to insomnia and it seems to increase with age by 20% 50%. Men experience insomnia 1. 4 1. 7 times less than women. It is essential to make a gender type as an unaffiliated variable for the future research design.

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Contrast of the Two Articles Essay

When comparing the two articles, more than comparison was on the public opinion point of social state but the contrast of the two articles focuses more on aspect of credit line morals. Drucker spends far more time finding out the meaning of disdain morality, and as stated earlier he breaks it down into more of different types of samples and other meanings than just the overall affect of stock morals.Again, Freidmans view was more on social duty being the term that faces and encourages business ethics, but what I found enkindle was a little excerpt from George, (1999) in his titled book moving in Ethics, here George is explaining the issues that approach business ethics, and take down though this quote was apply earlier in the writing, he states some point out that opportunism would still require a business to obey the law and bond to basic moral rules, because the consequences of failing to do so could be truly costly in fines, loss of licensure, or partnership re putation.The noted economist Milton Freidman was a leading proponent of this view (George, 1999). If this is the case, then it is noted that Freidman was a view point on that ethical decisions are make on the basis of consequences and not just on their social responsibility to their company and their actions. Now one could argue in depth that it is ones social responsibility to adhere to basic moral rules and the consequences that follow. But the contrast is that while Drucker believes that business ethics comes from ones social responsibility to himself and his kingdom,Casuistry, Business ethics undoubtedly is a close parallel to casuistry. Its basic thesis that ethics for the ruler, and especially for the business executive director, has to express social responsibility is exactly the scratch line point of the Casuist. But if business ethics is casuistry, then it will not last long-and long before it dies, it will have become a tool of the business executive to justify what fo r other people would be unethical behavior, rather than a tool to restrain the business executive and to impose tight ethical limits on business (Drucker, 1970). Conclusion So what does this all mean? My view on the contrast is that one is development the philosophy that business ethics is based on decisions and behavior from Druckers standpoint, to the contrast that, business ethics is based on consequences of certain business situations. Business ethics is broader in its term and uses more than just right field and wrong in business aspects. There are far more things that cause business ethics to be a stable-ford in the business world.Ones behavior and responsiveness to situations is a main instalment to business ethics but that cant be the determine factor when trying to pursue the actual meaning and how it affects a business. And even when social responsibility is a main component to business ethics and is quite equal on some aspects of the term, there will endlessly be the argument that if it leans towards someones responsibility, is the decisions that are being made ethical, and if so is it more towards the persons responsibility to society or to ones business?References1. Carroll, A. B. , Buchholtz, Ann K. (2006) Business & society Ethics and stakeholder counsel Mason, Ohio South-Western ISBN 0324225814 2. George, Richard T. de (1999). Business Ethics. Prentice Hall Publishing, ISBN 01307977723 3. Drucker, P. (1970) What Is Business Ethics in the altogether York, N. Y. New York Times Magazine pp. 32-33, 122-124, 126

Hart & Dworkin Essay

H. L. A. stags concept of legal positivism was heavily influenced by Austin. in time, he breaks with Austinian positivism at three vital junctures. First, he believed that the sovereign virtue giver is defined by his office alternatively than being a person who has secured the purpose of obedience. Second authority is vested in rule of information instead of through the threat sanctions. Finally, Hart believed that natural laws expand liberty rather than limit it. In a nutshell Harts Philosophy of virtue builds upon the influence Law Theory established by Austin, corrects its errors and establishes its own doctrines.In his essay Sovereign and Subject, Hart proposed that the clothing of obedience does non account for the relationship amid pendant and sovereign. This inclination to, or habit of obedience, propounded by Austin, asserts that there make ups a relationship between a subject and his sovereign. Where this relationship exists we speak of a high society. However, since the habit of obedience is a habit backed by threats, it differs little from the idea a gunman coercing a person to give him his purse.Hart opines that a laws rigour does non depend on the existence of social rules. Instead laws exist to promote social order. Hart contributes his conceptual analysis theory to rule of legal formalism. He postulates that jurisprudence aims to give analysis of the uses to which the concept of law is put in various social practices. Given that all rules aim a penumbra of uncertainty, a judge must often choose between alternatives. Simply put, Hart takes legal thought beyond the simplistic Command Theory.To him a law stinkpot be valid despite its clean-living invalidity and sans any coercion backed by threats. Such views on the law can be seen today in the USA patriot Act. This is morally reprehensible because of the many provisions that potentially violate citizens rights. However it is still a valid law promoting the security of American so ciety at large. As a legal naturalist Ronald Dworkin rejects positivism. His chief remonstrance is that moral principles can be binding by virtue of the occurrence that they express an appropriate dimension of justice and fairness.He encompasss the belief that in interpreting the meaning of valid legal rules, it is often necessary to confer moral principles. Curiously, a posthumous edition of Harts creative A Concept of Law gives space to Harts answer to Dworkins criticism of level-headed Positivism. In contrast to Hart, Dworkin believes that law is not simply a matter of rules. Moral principles are law correct if they are not identified under the rule of recognition. Moral principles can also be said to be law because they have dimensions of justice.As opposed to Hart, Dworkins theory on jurisprudence is that judges call down to binding legal standards that are more discretionary than hard and debauched rules. An example is the gravamen of guilt beyond reasonable doubt. I nstead of simply relying on their discretion, a judge uses jurisprudence to form a body of as yet unwritten legal standards to back up their decisions. To summarize, Dworkin champions the cause of Legal Naturalism that laws must appeal to morality to have legal validity. many another(prenominal) of todays penal laws can be said to espouse Legal Naturalism.

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Response to Robert Frost’s “Education by poetry” Essay

In his address Education by Poetry empowern at Amherst College in 1930, Robert frost introduces the two places of poetry in education. The first role is that through poetry we cultivate our taste. The bit role, which is said to be more crucial, is that poetry teaches us how to discern and understand allegory in our life. Having run down that poetry helps us with our handling metaphor, I naturally reached one straightforward question. Why is it important to yield an ability to identify and comprehend metaphor in our life? In the next paragraph, I would like to give my answer to this very question, simultaneously demonstrating hoarfrosts view point on the greatness of the ability. Then, in the third paragraph, from my viewpoint on metaphor, I would like to go further deeper to examining the strengths and weaknesses of one metaphor.To show why it is important to recognize metaphor in our life, the connection between metaphor and computeing on which Frost sheds fresh light in his address is the key. In general, metaphor is a word or phrase used to describe something or soulfulness else. More specifically, metaphor expresses one thing in terms of anformer(a), because creating relative values and a certain tie-in between them. concord to Frost, this conception of metaphor is the same as that of thinking. To think of one reject is to explain that object in terms of another object, and so is to think of a person, an event, and so on. Hence, an amazing thought, which Frost similarly reasons, can be reasoned metaphor binds everything in this world together.For when you think of something, you are associating it with other thing, which means creating a metaphor, and this applies to all objects, persons, and events that have been recognized in the world. In other words, we construct the world in the form of collection of metaphors. In the world full of metaphor, why can it be petty to clutches metaphor well? To correctly understand relative values and k inds of associations among metaphors in the world, to discern metaphor in our life, is vital because, as Frost alike implies, accurate understanding and recognition of metaphor mean correct conception of the world close to us and, thus, our safety.In this paragraph, I would like to image one metaphor, especially its strengths and weaknesses, from my viewpoint on metaphor. As explained in thesecond paragraph, there are relative values and a certain association between two things involved in metaphor. These values and association are crucial and have to be rational and appropriate in creating a sound metaphor. Yet, there is one decisive factor that changes the rules of metaphor, that is, for whom the metaphor is created. Depending on for whom, metaphors relative values, association, strengths and weaknesses vary drastically. Lets take a look at the metaphor the war on terrorism. Suppose that this is created for America, as in reality, its strengths are, first, that the word terrori sm gives right and justice to those who are fighting against it.Second, the word terrorism represents wickedness in those who have been considered terrorists. Third, the word terrorism can point to all states, to which Americas high places seek its way. On the other hand, its weakness is that because of depersonalizing, though nitty-gritty the Middle East countries, the word terrorism can offend either states with which America currently has friendship. All these strengths and weakness do not have to be necessarily right or fair and so whitethorn be irrelevant to proper relative values and associations. As Frost cynically says, the devil can quote Scripture.As a conclusion, we live in the world built upon metaphor, the world full of metaphors whether they are good or bad. Hence, to correctly comprehend metaphor is to correctly comprehend the world around us and to ensure our safety. After all, no matter where and how you live, we have to delay metaphors mounted with poetry.Bibl iography-Probert Frost Education by poetry

How does the Simpsons Contravene the Guidlines for Children’s Television? Essay

Violence, alcoholism, sex, oh, and yellow people Yes, Im talking ab turn up the cartoon comedy The Simpsons. Now launching its 19 year on television the cartoon is enjoyed by entirely ages, indeed all ages The controversial show arises many questions non entirely about some(prenominal) of the divisive jokes, cult horror and bad phraseology used but the question that divides a lot of frequent and sporadic viewers of the show is The Simpsons suitable to be show during childrens TV time?The n invariably aging family consists of the unconventional father, Homer, perfect housewife/mother, Marge, irregular son, baronet, intellectual daughter, Lisa, and baby Maggie. Both father and son portray ever growing problems within society in many episodes Homer finds himself throttling Bart as a punishment yet, child abuse is a massive problem and with out realising I find myself laughing. Its not until I imagine about what Homer has actually done is when I flower myself for it. And Bart is always getting in trouble and in some cases leads a rebellion all over Springfield.Okay, why is that funny and think of your children, if they see their parents laughing at that whats to say they might re-enact Barts teachings? Will you be laughing then? Moving swiftly on, the cartoon regularly releases a new episode (mainly at Halloween) called head House of Horrors. In one of these degrading and preposterous episodes the family act out some famous scenes from a very hellish horror strike originally a book by Stephen King, The Shining. For anyone who knows this film it includes the father deviation insane and savagely murdering his whole family.What sort of image is this portraying to your children? The early children who watch The Simpsons go to bed with the thought in their mind that their protactinium could go cerebral. When we think its all over and are stressful to leave the imaginary, stereotypical, demoralizing world of the yellow Americans we are quickly bashed abi de in with another degrading and inhumane part of the show whiney and Scratchy. The show within a show has its own theme line of reasoning and being based on violence it also has its own portion of blood and gore. Although, cartoon blood is not terrible it is still not very enjoyable for young children.

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Morality and Honesty Essay

In this assignment, I go forth distinctly analyse the concept of thrill pastorial versus locker goernment. I will talk about the role of the tip minster and the console and assess the prime attendial big businessman versus the console table. All sources of information will be referenced. The storage locker is the executive pulltee of the government and all its members are appointed by the Prime Minister and it is chaired, answerable to and accountable to the prime minister (Wilson 2003). The locker is formed to decide on major policies to be adopted in the country and abroad.They also deal with unforeseen major problems such as terrorists attacks and the footlocker also meets to coordinate the policies of different departments and planning of considerable tem government policies. All government decisions are taken incorporatedly and drink down on a motion of reliance requires the resignation of all members of the government. check to BBC News (2003), Clare Short wh o was secretary of differentiate to international development resigned in 2003 as she did not defend the British government going to contend with Iraq without a clear mandate from the United Nations.According to BBC News (2003), robin Cook who was the leader of the House of Commons also resigned over the Iraq warfare stating that he could not accept collective responsibility for the decision to commit Britain now to military action in Iraq without international agreement or domestic support. The prime minister is the bingle who holds the power over the locker as he can appoint the minister to the cabinet, dismiss them or promote them. The prime minister chairs the cabinet, decides on the agenda and he is the one who ultimately decides on how different issues will be dealt with.The prime minister controls the way a polity is processed, sets the framework for ministerial policies, holds the power in making executive decisions and may make important decisions with whom he wishes and sometimes without reference to other cabinet members. The prime minister also holds power to create cabinet missions which are set up to deal with ad hoc policy problems. The prime minister can decide on which committee to be set up and has got the power to decide on who chairs it and who sits on it.According to Forman and Baldwin (1999), the prime minister can exploit the use of two-sided meetings with individual ministers in order to divide and rule any collective opposition within the cabinet to preferred policies. All preparations and timing of the cabinet decisions is very munch in the hands of the prime minister which gives the toter of the position a real advantage over the rest of the cabinet. Wilson (2003) states that Tony Blair uses his cabinet much less than jakes Major did and attends its meetings for only a briefly time.Tony Blair generally prefers to lay down his preferred policies and expects agreements from its cabinet members. thus far John Major did not insist on collective decision and it was give tongue to that in his last years his cabinet was very divided and his cognitive operation seems weak and ineffectual. (Wilson 2003). In various textbooks, Tony Blair is compared to Margaret Thatcher. He likes to take a presidential approach to government while his other cabinet ministers will inhabit in the background unless there is a controversy or policy initiative.It is very rare that Tony Blair will have cabinet debate and his meetings are usually short, tightly managed and focused on delivering information. According to Dearlave and Saunders (1993), Margaret Thatcher was a high-profile prime minister whose office was more powerful than the cabinet and she very oftentimes choose to do it her way without the support of the cabinet. However Dearlave and Saunders (1993) also state that the fall of Thatcher from power was due to the fact that she did not have the support of the cabinet anymore.The prime minister might hold power ove r cabinet appointments, promotions and dismissals but according to Dearlave and Saunders (1993), he can hardly do this at will as senior ministers have their own semipolitical standing. Although the prime minister has the power over various issues of the cabinet, he tacit inevitably the support of its members if he wants his government to be seen as seize and for the government to continue to have the parliament and the public.According to Barnett (2002), splits in cabinet over policy issues and ministerial resignations damage the authority of the prime minister and government as a whole and undermine public confidence in the strength of the government. Barnett (2002) also states that if the prime minister cannot control his cabinet effectively, this might leads to his downfall or if he fails to keep key ministers and the parliamentary party loyal in his support.In conclusion, I can phrase that the prime minister remained the one who holds the power over the cabinet and his pol itical party and is regarded as the most powerful politician in the country. However for the government to stay united and secure the prime minister needs to have the full support of its cabinet ministers and if the cabinet is not be run effectively, this can contribute to the downfall of the prime minister.

Risks of Youth Using Social Media ( Privacy Issues)

Clinical Report The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families Gwenn Schurgin OKeeffe, Kathleen Clarke Pediatrics Volume 127, Number 4, April 2011 pp. 800-804 RISKS OF YOUTH USING SOCIAL MEDIA pursue in various forms of social media is a routine activity that seek has shown to benefit children and adolescents by enhancing communication, social connection, and even technical skills. Social media sites much(prenominal) as Facebook and MySpace offer multiple daily opportunities for connecting with friends, classmates, and people with shared interests.During the in the end 5 years, the number of preadolescents and adolescents using such sites has increased dramatically. Since a turgid part of this generations social and emotional development is occurring duration on the Internet and on cellphone phones, children and adolescents are at some gamble as they navigate and experiment with social media, be urinate of their limited capability for self-regulation and susceptibility to peer pressure. Recent research indicates that there are everyday online expressions of offline behaviors, such as bullying, and sexual experimentation, that sustain introduced problems such as cyber-bullying, privateness issues, and sexting.Cyber-bullying Cyber-bullying is deliberately using digital media to communicate false, embarrassing, or hostile data about another person. It is the most common online risk for all teens and is a peer-to-peer risk. Although online harassment is often used interchangeably with the term cyber-bullying, it is actually a different entity. Current data suggest that online harassment is not as common as offline harassment (Lenhart, 2007), and participation in social networking sites does not put most children at risk of online harassment (Ybarra & Mitchell, 2008).On the other hand, cyber-bullying is quite common, can occur to any young person online, and can cause profound psychosocial outcomes including depression, anxiety, seve re isolation, and, tragically, suicide (Hinduja & Patchin, 2010). Sexting Sexting can be defined as sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs, or images via cell phone, computer, or other digital devices(Berkshire District Attorney, 2010). Many of these images become distributed rapidly via cell phones or the Internet.This phenomenon does occur among the teen population a recent good deal revealed that 20% of teens have sent or posted nude or seminude photographs or videos of themselves (National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, 2010). some teens who have engaged in sexting have been threatened or charged with felony child pornography charges, although some states have started characterizing such behaviors as juvenile-law misdemeanors (Gifford, 2010 Walker, 2010).Additional consequences let in school suspension for perpetrators and emotional distress with accompanying mental health conditions for victims. In many circumstances, ho wever, the sexting incident is not shared beyond a small peer group or a couple and is not found to be distressing at all (Lenhart, 2009). Facebook Depression Researchers have proposed a new phenomenon called Facebook depression, defined as depression that develops when preteens and teens spend a great deal of time on social media sites, such as Facebook, and then begin to exhibit classic symptoms of depression (Davilla et al. 2009 Sturm, 2010). Acceptance by and contact with peers is an important element of adolescent life. The intensity of the online world is pattern to be a factor that may trigger depression in some adolescents. As with offline depression, preadolescents and adolescents who suffer from Facebook depression are at risk for social isolation and sometimes turn to risky Internet sites and blogs for religious service that may promote substance abuse, unsafe sexual practices, or self-asserting or self-destructive behaviors.

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Online Instruction In A Continuing Professional Education Setting Education Essay

IntroductionThe article I chose to supply a outline for is entit guide, The New, advance(a) Practice of Adult Education On-line Instruction in a Continuing Professional Education Setting by Brian W. Donavant of the University of Tennessee at Martin. The intent of his vision was to analyze the effectivity of online argument compared to traditional deliverance attacks. His watch over involved quantitative inquiry methods through the usage of pre and posttests in two the online and t for from each one oneer led classs every bit good as an unfastened ended questionnaire to assist dress if the potency for conquest of on-line(a) direction is related to demographic variables of the pupils. This multi-phased survey was conducted in a non-academic impression utilizing police officers go oning their steering. The about 200 get goingicipants were from the Florida Regional Community Policing embed and varied in age, gender, ethnicity, educational background, and hoar ages on the occupation.Research QuestionThe general question of this survey was to find if in that respect were statistically important differences in lucky science by the participants who learned via online attainment in comparing to teacher return preparation. Additionally, the survey set out step the potency of online larning succeeder by constabulary officers and if this possible online larning advantage was related to assorted new(prenominal) factors such as race, gender, age, and educational experience. The survey besides measured the officers attitudes and perceptual experiences warble the usage of online larning for professional development. ( Donavant, 2009 )While the writer acquiesces to the impression that the apposition of online acquisition to instructor offer acquisition in authoritative academe has been done legion times, there is small to no important seek done measuring this in the sphere of professional development and go oning instruction. The deficiency of important query from this position is what motivated the investigate proletarian to prosecute this way.MethodsThe first peak of this three stage survey was an interrogatory of pre and post-test professional development tonss used to determine if larning really occurred and if there was a difference in effectivity between on-line brings versus teacher place direction. The pre and post-tests used anon. multiple-choice and true-false inquiries. The research worker had no control over the arrangement of the participants into control or experimental groups of people. Additionally, the research worker did non h aging control over the figure of participants in each group or the continuance and quality of the direction. ( Donavant, 2009 )The 2nd stage of the survey examined the potency for online acquisition success correlated to gender, race, age of the scholar, figure of old ages of constabulary service, figure of old ages of formal instruction, and old exposure to online acquisiti on. This range leveraged Kerr s Test of Online Learning Success ( TOOLS ) ( Marcel S. Kerr, 2012 ) which is a 45 point self-report appraisal that attempts to determine behavioural strengths and failings to mensurate possible online larning success. Participants rated each of these 45 points on a 5 point Likert-type of graduated dishearten runing from 1 ( strongly disagree ) to 5 ( strongly agree ) . ( Donavant, 2009 )Finally, the third stage of this survey involved an open-ended questionnaire to turn to considerations of on-line take methods that were identified through analysis of the current literature that the writer deemed as relevant beginnings. The research worker s purpose was to find other(a) lending factors that were important to the larning experience such as willingness to take part in on-line acquisition, scholar s perceptual experiences of the user of online acquisition in the sphere of professional development, and the practicality of its usage as a bringing mechan ism.For the 2nd and 3rd stages of this survey, one constabulary situation within each of the six geographic parts of the United States was indiscriminately selected and each bureau had anon. voluntaries to take part it the survey. The 2nd stage had a nerve center of 188 officers participate while the 3rd stage had a sum of one hundred fifty constabularies officers participate. Of the 188 officers that participated in the 2nd stage the bulk were white males ( 87.8 % and 85.6 % severally ) with a average age of 36.9 and a average figure of old ages on the force of 10.75. 75.3 % of the participants had non participated in any on-line instruction prior to this survey and the bulk listed their tip of instruction attainment as some college 52 % . ( Donavant, 2009 )The stage one survey that used the historical pre and post-test consequences used a t-test to find the significance of the pre and post-test consequences comparing on-line instruction to trainer led experiences. The stage two survey besides conducted a t-test to find if there was a degree of significance between those who completed on-line instruction and those that did non complete on-line instruction. Bipartisan eventuality analysis was conducted to assist find if there was a relationship with possible success in on-line instruction and independent variables such as race, gender, and prior exposure to online instruction. The research worker so used Pearson Correlations to find important relationships between online larning success and independent variables such as age, figure of old ages of service and degree of educational attainment. ( Donavant, 2009 )ConsequencesThe stage one post-test tonss ( Teacher Lead M=82.91, SD = 18.43 Online M=73.38, SD=21.72 ) were significantly higher than pre-test tonss for both instructor led and on-line pass away instruction ( Teacher Lead M=43.27, SD=17.96 Online M=47.44, SD=16.74 ) . The ANCOVA analysis revealed no statistically important difference in the effe ctivity between both trainer lead and on-line bringing ( 1, 40 ) = 2.99, P = .09. ( Donavant, 2009 )The stage two survey rendered similar consequences of deficiency of significance between online larning success and gender, race, and old engagement in on-line instruction ( I2 ( 1, N =178 ) = 0.12, P = .72 race, I2 ( 5, N = 184 ) = 7.97, P = .16 or old engagement in OE, I2 ( 1, N = 188 ) = 3.07, P = .08. ) Where the research worker did happen some degree of significance was the correlation coefficient between possible online larning success and the officers educational degree they achieved, R ( 185 ) = .23, P = .001.The consequences of the 3rd stage of the research indicated that a bulk of the pupils liked the thingmajig of the on-line instruction ( 92, 68.7 % ) but bulk besides indicated that what they liked least about the on-line educational experience ( 63, 52.9 % ) was the deficiency of interaction with the teacher as their primary ground for non wishing the on-line educatio nal experience. ( Donavant, 2009 )DecisionThe research worker surmised that while the effectivity of on-line instruction versus teacher lead preparation are both deemed significantly effectual, the potency of on-line instruction being effectual is significantly correlated to the pupil s anterior experience with on-line instruction every bit good as their degree of instruction. The research worker besides went on to sum up that by and large talking, there is no important benefit of online acquisition in comparing to teacher lead preparation when looking at it from the position of race, gender, old ages on the force or age. So, for an organisation sing teacher lead preparation in comparing to online instruction, they should see the somebody scholar and take into consideration their degree of instruction along with old experience with on-line instruction. If an organisation has a figure of pupils who do non chink a batch of post-secondary instruction, they may happen better consequenc es with teacher lead preparation.

The Importance of Setting in a Rose for Emily

Setting often provides more consequently only if a mere backdrop for the action in the degree. It is probably the roughly grand part of the putting together a story. In this story the move is a radiateion of the character as much as the town. The physical climb, clip scenery and cultural settings are all important parts of this short story, Physical setting is to give the readers a consciousness of what the environ manpowert is for the story. The physical setting for A rose for Emily is important because it reflect the life of Emily, the main character.In this story the setting takes stern in the southern town of Jefferson. Miss Emily Grierson lived in a hall that had a big squarish frame that had once been white, decorated with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies. A house so beautiful it was meant for some body of high stature. The house was so old that is smelled of dust and disuse. The scenes in this story most take place in the town and in Miss Emilys house.A vast example of a physical setting is when Faulkner describes the towns manpower sprinkling lime hydrate around her property to get rid of a bad smell. As they re crossed the lawn, a window that had been shadow was lighted and Miss Emily sat in it, the light behind her, and her fair torso motionless as that of an idol. It was almost like you were there with the men feeling the same creepy feeling, when seeing her in the window. Another swell physical description of setting is when Faulkner describes Miss Emilys death. She dies in wizard of the downstairs rooms, in a heavy walnut bed with a curtain, her grey head propped on a pillow yellow and fusty with age and lack of sunlight. Faulkner does a great job at going us with a powerful image of the physical. Time period is an indispensable part to any story. It helps the reader to understand the language that is used and the appearance it was acceptable to live and dress. The time setting for this story takes place in the l ate 1800s and the early 1900s.In an era when black citizenry were slaves and great deal of high stature were reputeed by all. The town in this story grows with the time but the main character Miss Emily get out not. The town had just let in the contracts for paving the side walks. When the newer contemporaries becomes the back bone and spirit of the town Miss Emily didnt touch on ahead with the times. When the town got free postal deli precise, Miss Emily alone refused to let them fasten the metal numbers above her door and attach a mailbox to them. It was like Miss Emily was stuck in a particular time in the life and destinyed to live like that. Culture is excessively important to the setting in the story being told. Miss Emily was a Grierson.The high and might Griersons as they were known in Jefferson. Faulkner duologue about how Miss Emily had gone to join the representatives of the august names where they bring down in a cedar-bemused cemetery among the ranked and ano nymous graves of the marriage and confederate soldiers who fell at the battle of Jefferson. By describing this culture setting Faulkner is setting the tone for what kind of character Emily is, and what kind of family she had. The Griersons were a powerful family in Jefferson, royalty if you go forth, and Emily was the utmost(a) of this great family. He then goes on to describe how Colonel Sartoris invented an involved tale to the effect that Miss Emilys father had loaned money to the town, which the town, as a matter of business pet this way of repayment. Remitting Miss Emilys taxes was a way of showing respect for her name.Making up this tale was something only a man of his be at the time could do and a tale that only a woman would believe. When the town started to smell the bad smell and the men had sprinkled lime on her property to rid the bad smell. The town did not want to call her out on it because as Judge Stevens said will you accuse a lady to her face of smelling bad? The towns people all had their suspicions of what the bad smell really was. She carried her head high enough- -even when we believed that she was fallen. It was as if she demanded more then ever the recognition of her dignity as the last Grierson, as if it had wanted to touch of earthiness to reaffirm her imperviousness. By understanding A Rose for Emily one stinker see how much of an impact setting can have on the life of a person. The way it can shape ones thoughts is incredible and sometimes unbearable to believe. Whether the setting is physical, time, or culture it is as you can see a very important part of any story, and enables the reader to understand the character on a deeper level.

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Generation Me Essay

In Twenges sustain she uses purpose in several ways. One of her main purposes is to describe how different generations have solely different views and moral standards. Twenge uses purpose to try and persuade the glance overers to believe that she has through with(p) the proper research for her book, and want the necessitateer to feel like they rotter trust that what she is saying is the truth. In this book she doesnt believe that thither it is a problem between the generations just simply that there argon distinct differences, and she tries to help the reader to discover why these differences occurred.In this book Twenge is really good at giving the audience desktop companionship about herself and about the research that she did for the book. If you ar familiar with the audience that you are authorship to it is easier to persuade them, because you hit the hay there interests.I think that Twenge did a good job assessing her audience by asking herself questions like, who is going to read what I am going to discuss, what are their backgrounds, how much do the readers know about the topic I am writing about, and how much background in holdation should I provide to my audience. I feel that when I read this book I can relate and easily understand what she is discussing. She is writing to a younger audience and not to Biochemists.I like the form of genre that Twenge uses in Generation Me. She breaks each chapter in to sub categories to ensnare emphasis on limited topics which allow the reader to see what she thinks is burning(prenominal) information. In this book she uses simple language with strong interests to get her charge across. Structure is very important to the reader and the writer. Different types of magazines and novels have specific formats and structures of how they should be written. The style of writing is starting to change slowly over time just like fashion changes, but it will perpetually be important to consider your audience when f ormatting the genre of your book.

Qantas Airlines

Adel Dosmagambetova Maslows hierarchy at that place argon always some points when we are talking somewhat service of process and especi aloney hospitality industry. When we serve our product, what our clients hold from us is our principal(prenominal) break up to provide. The company has to correlate the readiness of their service and the expectations of their nodes. They measure their product and clients inescapably. (Anton & Petouhoff 1996)There are no doubts that matching both sides expectation we can provide contentment for our clients. However it is not always possible to satisfy all needs of your customer.Maslows hierarchy was created to show theory of needs in the psychology way and make a connection between each stages. Maslow use the terms Physiological, Safety, Belongingness and Love, Esteem, and Self-Actualization needs to describe the pattern that human motivations generally give notice through. (King,2009). We have analyzed our company and divided its needs into 5 main features. Qantas(Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) is one of the oldest air company in the world, KLM is the only company elder.They provide their services over 90 geezerhood and the politic of this global, world famous company show us their ability to build and keep in touch with generations and customers expectation. The first stage of the hierarchy is physiological needs which include comfort of their customers, the second is their safety, the third is shade of service, the forth one is an image of the airways and the last one is self-actualization included individualized experience. As it is mentioned above, first of all they provide comfortable seats, high reference food and straight flights, if it is possible.Qantas makes domestic and international ways as well, their flights operates to 56 metropolitans. However they dont only specialized on air-service, they overly have catering and Qantas holiday, where they provide high ranking service an d persistent feelings. (About Qantas, 2012) The second stage is flexible schedules, security of their belongings and their safety for sure. Qantas guarantees their customer their safety during the flights, security of their luggage and other belongings.They tried to make schedules level best comfortable for every customer, counting that they usually make long-distance flights and their grocery is built by far-away flying. The third one is high quality services, with prescribed staves, comfortable airports selection good matching places. For feeling welcomed for every customer they provide good service on their planes and they make training for their staff and even order branded uniforms. Airport is the first place where you master before or after flying and of course customer expect excellent services and suitable selections.It is great thing to be attached with one of the most famous and respected airports. The fourths stage one is about reputation of the airways. The custome r wants being protection and perfect served, opinions and reputation of the elect airlines. They expect the company to promote them a high quality standards and popularity all over the world . Success is getting what you want and happiness is wish what you get. (Brown, 1992) To enhance the companys reputation and branding Qantas has developed innovational and marketing ideas to boost sales by upgrading their planes and improve quality of advertising.To residuum with self-actualization we choose experience of Qantas customer. The company provides unique types of services and make the flights for customer perfect. They try to show customer that with Qantas they and their belongings in safety, and nowhere else customer will get such services. They make their experience by providing satisfactions of customer experience which allow them to fly only with Qantas and even special tariffs and Qantas participation are support for them to fly Qantas.References list Dr. Jon Anton & Dr. Nata lie L. Petouhoff (1996) Customer relationship management. respiratory tract Drive, Santa Maria, Anton press Paul W. King. (2009) uprise Maslows pyramid choosing your own cut through life. Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, DB, United Kingdom H. Jackson Brown from the book Climbing Maslow pyramid. Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, DB, United Kingdom About Qantas, Retrieved from official web-site http//www. qantas. com. au/travel/airlines/ pedestal/au/en