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1000 years of solitude :: essays research papers

One Hundred Years of Solitude Topic1Throughout the apologue One Hundred Years of Solitude, there are various responsibilities meted out to both men and women. In fact, an important source of this novel is the continuity in the relationship between men and women in regards to both sharing some form of control over the companionship. However, in terms of definitive power, oft a balance between genders is non found, and rather we are shown Macondo as a world most often shaped, and dominated by either a single commanding materfamilias or Patriarch. It is also interesting to note that while most oftentimes we are only presented with a solitary authoritative figure of a particular gender, when Macondo is at its most prosperous it is controlled not by a single figure but rather a symbiotic alliance between a male and a female.At the onset of the novel we are given Jose Arcadio Buendia as the fall through of the town. Clearly as founder and discoverer of Macondo he is the attracti on of the company. He would give instructions to the community on everything ranging from planting to how to raise children. He was hard-working and generally reliable. It was greatly due to his diligence that the people of Macondo were so happy. However, as his insatiable lust for fellowship grew he began to ignore the needs of Macondo. At one point he even wanted to abandon his Eden in Macondo and lead the community elsewhere simply for discovery. His wife Ursula, unlike the Eve of genesis, did not assort with his search for knowledge but instead usurped his authority and made veritable this idea never came to fruition. Ursula showed that while her husband may have been the leader of the town, she had just as much power as he. This is clear when she not only, predisposed the women of the village against the flightiness of their husbands (p.14, Marquez) but also when she declared to Jose, We give not leave, (p.14, Marquez). For the time following, with everyone still in Macon do, the town continued to wrick and prosper.Following this period of shared control and stability, we see the emergence of the field government in Macondo and with this the rise of Colonel Aureliano Buendia and the liberal rebellion in Macondo. after Colonel Aureliano left Macondo to fight in the civil war he ordained Arcadio to look after the town and to keep it well.

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