Saturday, March 2, 2019

Demography of China Essay

The demographic situation in Peoples Republic of china is one of the burning issues nowadays widely discussed in the global community. Today, Chinas world is everywhere 1. 3 billion, the astronomicalst of all country in the conception. So every 5th person in the world is coming from China. The community of China is greater than the entire world 150 years ago. Every year the population of China increases by 14 million people (the number of people in Texas or Chile). Each decade it increases by about 130 million (more than the population of Japan). About 39,000 new people argon added every day.Cultural prerequisites for such family expanding tradition The Chinese traditionally prefer early marriage, early child-bearing, and large families. Each married women usually raises between five and six children. The Chinese say more children means great happiness. Population Problems in China. There is a great number of well-disposed, economic and environmental problems elicited by the demographic situation. * High unemployment rate. The competition to find a business line is very high and as Chinese people saying themselves Im frightened for my childrens future, Chinas biggest problem is the population.As a result a lot of people emigrate to a bigger cities or to neighboring countries to seek for a job. * weewee and food shortages. As the worlds population increases, so too does its need for food and water the two resources which are absolutely requirement to sustain life. The Asian giant has been warned by one of its own groundwater experts to either cut its food production or else face do-or-die(a) water levels, especially in the dry northwest plains. If not, aquifers will sink to dire levels not seen in 30 years.For example, the yellow river is dying up. The river has been overused and abused. Dozens of dams pin its flow, drawing off huge quantities of water to grow cotton in the desert. * Housing shortages. China has an acute shortage of housing, attributable not lone(prenominal) to the large annual increases in population (over 10 million a year) that must be accommodated but also to the long-standing policy of directing investment funds into heavy industry rather than into housing and other social amenities.As a result of expensive housing, people are strained o live in poor conditions and share a at once with big number of people. * Chronic air and water pollution problems are now evident in rural and urban areas throughout the country. China didnt join Kiyoto protocol, so having a well- developed industry it keeps on emitting CO2 in great quantities. Air pollution is all over China, even harming the most picturesque locations. Acid rain is also a common place. * All of these are issues that the Chinese government must dispute and find a lot of solutions in order improve the lives of its people.

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