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Treatment of Folk Illnesses Essay Example for Free

Treatment of phratry Illnesses EssayThe world offers all(prenominal) people a chance to be sick due to some of the outside factors that can deterioration some angiotensin-converting enzyme elses health. There atomic number 18 hazards for the lungs like pollution and for the stomach which be the bacteria and microorganisms that are prevalent everywhere. Even with the body parts of a human creation, one can already start some threats that can cause cholera or diarrhea in their faces or hands where in that location is staphylococcal party if not reproduction their colonies. Of course regarding some disorders, there are many definitive methods that the old people think would help cure these hazards to health. There are also many documents that clog up the researchers views about the different ways our ancestors deal with their sicknesses before.Using the reference mentioned below, we can see that there are already developments in our ancestors way of thinking that they ar e devising strategies in order to cure their suffer illnesses by the naturally occurring cures that can be seen elsewhere then. Say, ail is used to treat hypertension and marjoram is used as an expectorant which I think is still sound until today. The concept of having a cross out of ready to pick and ready-made medicines gave the early people especially in Mexico that whatever disease they power be getting in the atmosphere or environment is curable and can easily be neglected after some time. However for this mind set, there mogul be some difficulties and disadvantages effrontery that we already save technological diseases also. These conditions can be from the improvement and development of the facilities that we are exploitation nowadays.The causes of disease in the present time are from complex matters such as chemical intoxication and asphyxiation due to the complexity of course of the activities we do everyday. These diseases might not be cured immediately by the set o f the native way our old fellows treat their conflicts or struggles regarding their health. As what is already mentioned, the use of garlic as antibiotic is still useful. In fact the safety of using it was ranked with three controlling signs, however, for extreme reasons, a bulb of garlic bequeath not be enough to lower the billet pressure of a person. Hence, medical treatment is already needed in order to provide the patient the right medication and avoid the risk of killing him/her. For all we know, hypertension is also related with nerve center attack and some fatal heart disease.If in case there are some patients who got their diseases using the folk style of treating illnesses, it is still important that the doctor will have a set of explanations that will make the patient encounter wholeheartedly that the old way of seeking for cure is not effective with their diseases. There should be some ready-answers so that the doctor will find it easy to make them understand and ap preciate the modern way of curing. It will also be helpful if the doctor will be very careful of delivering the message to the patient not offending their traditions on using some herbs to impregnate them. The patient in turn should be ready to accept the information a doctor might give him/her since he/she in the first place consulted or chose to seek for a doctors help.Health is an important aspect in a humans life. It is a source of the crusade force of every man that will enable them to pursue each day with joy and gladness. Folk style medication is as penny-pinching as the modern medicine as long as people who use it understand how it works and how it is applied with every single disease corresponding to one substance or case.But as what many doctors say, it is really better to seek advice from experts who have already studied the concepts, what-abouts, how-abouts and where-abouts of different diseases. We might be harmed by the hearsays since the folk concepts are being tra nsferred from a generation to another generation that there is a high possibility of misinformation and the like. It is a good thing we give attention to what our ancestors have given and developed, and good as it is, we are able to have doctors, scientists and nurses that modified, developed and improved our knowledge about our health enabling us to become healthier people. inditeNancy Neff. Folk Medicine in Hispanics in the Southwestern United States. Retrieved 6 February 2008 from http//

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