Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Foundations for Change and Linear Regression Scatterplot Assignment

Foundations for Change and Linear Regression Scatterplot - Assignment Example When this is the case there seems to be urgency for change in the management and the employees. This can be established by considering what else is happening within the company (Johnson and William, 2001). Managerial leaders must look at the broad organization beyond ones division or division to establish whether it is the right time for change. When everyone understands the need for change and the benefits that the company and individual employees will get if the change is successfully implemented then the organization is ready for change. Most of the times the management will be quick to explain how the organization will benefit without explaining how the individual employee will benefit and this causes lack of readiness from their end (Banutu-Gomez and Banutu-Gomez, 2007). Change is also possible provided that there is readiness from both employees and the top level management. This is possible by explaining the need for change to both and reaching out to them for their input. Get to know what is working from their end, what is not working and what can change. Basically, the organization will only be ready if both the employees and the management are ready to be actively engaged in the process. The determination and availing of all that is required in the successful implementation of change is crucial. Will there be need of new technology? Do employees need training on a new process? Is there need to slow down the process of implementing change to allow employees to ‘catch up’? Before an organization begins the process if making changes in its operations, it must undertake the following important steps. The top management in every organization must seek the support of their stakeholders if they want to initiate a change within the organization. This is mainly due to the fact that the stakeholders have a lot of day on the resources and management of the organization hence they must approve of any change

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