Monday, September 9, 2019

Did Elizabeth Lizze Borden murder her parents Essay

Did Elizabeth Lizze Borden murder her parents - Essay Example This question has puzzled many critics, researchers, writers and people associated with the legal punishments since the last century. The general public has also shown great interest in the subject that what had compelled a young daughter to kill her parents? Did she really kill them or there was someone else involved in the case that did not show up to the front screen. The events of a hot summer day in 1892 remained a mystery however; history has offered us some interesting facts which can prove to be helpful in solving this case of brutal killing. On August 4, 1892 Mr. Andrew Jackson Borden with his second wife Abby Durfee Gray was found brutally murdered in their house located in Fall River, Massachusetts. It was a hot sunny day and both were killed by a sharp axe (Watson, Elizabeth E.). Lizzie Borden was at home when the incident took place and was accused of the criminal act. But she was declared innocent after the trial. The town people believed that she had murdered her parents however even after more than 100 years the mystery has remained unsolved. Nobody knows about the actual murderer. Despite of her being indicted she inherited a considerable property from her father’s wealth. THE MYSTERY Critics and writers have a strong consensus on one point of the case that it was none other than Lizzie who murdered her father and step mother using a very sharp axe. The possible reason for such a brutal act is suggested to be the family disputes going on between Mr. Andrew Borden and his daughter Lizzie Borden in relation to the distribution of property among the family members of Lizzie’s step mother, Abby Gray. ... Whereas on the other side Lizzie was extremely disturbed after the death of her mother she never accepted the new family member, Ms Abby as her mother again. She was a well respected lady among the town members but the uncertainty going on within the family was known to everyone. It was a hot morning when Mr. Andrew was found dead in his room lying on the sofa. His body was showing the marks of heavy wounds including the poor condition of his head which was struck eleven times with a sharp instrument. His eye balls were cracked which clearly represented the extremely cruel nature of the murderer. On the other hand his wife’s body was found in the guest room. She was kneeled down on the bed which showed that she had been setting the bed when someone stabbed her head from the back using the same instrument nineteen or more times. Fortunately or unfortunately Lizzie was at home when the incident took place and she was the one who informed mates and servants. As soon as the news s pread out neighbors and town people also get in to see what has happened as the Borden family was considered one of the richest families in the town and that the murder was too much suspicious. Soon after the murder Lizzie was arrested as being accused of doing the criminal activity but was released after some months of trial (Kent, David). Her declared innocence put many questions in front of the critics and general public that either she was a real murderer or the court’s decision was a justified one? Argument Research shows that she had committed the crime because throughout the trial session she was continuously changing her statements, she was seen very nervous and frequently changed her answers about her position when his father came back home. First she said that she was in

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