Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Independant Study Program Essay

It is not the pedigree or the school that is the mark of success but rather the ability of an individual to use the training and the education. This is something that I have always believed all my life. I have never been intimidated by those who come from private schools and neither have I been intimidated by those who go to conventional high schools. I have been firm in my belief that there is so much more that I can gain from an independent study program. The best education is one that is flexible and can adapt to the necessities of today’s world. Oftentimes, education in conventional high schools is strict and rigid. There is no room for creativity and very little room for self-discovery as one is limited by the confines of the classroom. This limitation stifles one’s personal intellectual and psychological growth not to mention the contamination that comes from other sources a child is exposed to. There is no room for growth over and above what is uttered by teachers and instructors who are not so much motivated by the child’s educational development as they are by their next paycheck. This is the advantage that an independent study program provides. It is flexible enough to adjust to the needs of the student. It also allows those who are fast paced to explore other avenues that they wish to explore and learn about. It allows talented individuals to push the limits of their talents and fully achieve their potential. The manner by which independent study programs allow students to tailor fit their study programs is a definite advantage because it allows them to grow at a pace that is more comfortable to them. An education is something that is not fixed. It is not something that is forced on anyone. It is a partnership, a relationship between the teacher and the student that comes from an understanding of the limits of the student and the goals of the teacher. Education is about being the best that one can be.

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