Friday, October 4, 2019

Curriculum Goals, Objectives, and Products Essay

Curriculum Goals, Objectives, and Products - Essay Example Curriculum goal is defined as an end or purpose that is stated through general terms where the achievement criterion is not used. When curriculum goals are used in a given system or school, they become the aims of education. On the other hand, curriculum objective illustrate an end or purpose that is stated in measurable and specific terms. Thus, curriculum goals are used to derive the curriculum objectives. The locus of curriculum objectives and goals is that they are written at school-district, state and individual level with expectations that jurisdiction has to be adhered to in a respective level. Nevertheless, any curriculum objective and goal, which is developed in a given level has to cut across several disciplines. The development of the curriculum goals and objectives has to focus on states of today with a bias on departmental development while reflecting on change in modern society. Educational aims and developers’ philosophy are used to establish curriculum goals an d objectives in individual, district and state based schools. Thus, the entire process and product of curriculum materials establishment is

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