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Bullying Is A Common And Serious Issue - 1218 Words

What is teachers’ role in the school? Bullying is a common and serious issue in many schools these days and bullying is not only the United States’ but also in other countries’ problem. Basically, bullying prevents students from feeling safe in schools and also it prevents developing positive self-concepts. The longer bullying goes on, the more the students are affected. In handling bullying problems, teacher’s role is the most important to prevent bulling because teachers can directly interact with all students in their classes. Therefore, teachers should be aware of the possibilities of bullying all the time and have abilities to stop bullying in their classes. However, many teachers do not know how to deal with the problem and do not even notice there is bullying in their classes unless bullying is explicitly revealed. Teachers need to find effective ways of dealing with bullying in their classes to help their students. Social interactions in school are very important to children. Through interactions with peer groups, Children develop their emotional stabilities, social skills and positive self-concepts. Therefore, the experiences of alienation from peers can be traumatic for children and damage their emotional, academic and even physical developments. According to the U.S Department of health and Human Services (DHHS), 1 in 3 U.S students day they have been bullied at school. In the United States, the bullying problems are increasing. According to Bullying Statistics,Show MoreRelatedBullying Effects900 Words   |  4 PagesCauses and Effects of Bullying Every year, approximately 7 percent of students report to being bullied (â€Å"Physical†). Most people know bullying is wrong, but it continues to play a dominating role in the lives of adolescents. Whether the bullying was done by spreading rumors, calling someone names or through the Internet, there are many different causes of bullying, why it occurs, and how it effects the victim. The causes of bullying can influence how the bully decides to target a victim. VictimsRead MoreThe Internet and Cyberbullying Essay576 Words   |  3 PagesCyber Bullying Nowadays, the Internet is regarded as the most widely used source of social media and the fastest way to exchange knowledge and information all over the world, playing a vital role in everyone’s daily life. The internet has countless functions, useful for everyday work and entertainment, but it is being abused by people nowadays. One of the ways it is being abused is by cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when people use the internet to make fun of others, belittle them, andRead MoreCyber Bullying And Social Media1110 Words   |  5 Pages In today s world Social Media is playing a key role on how youth interact and mature. Just a generation ago, the average person didn’t have internet and computers were not common (Social Media Bullying, 2014). Fast forward to the present day and it has become less common for a person to not have a computerised device in their palm or pocket. With the ease of access to a social world comes upsides and downsides to the way our society has shifted and evolved. The mass use of media allows individualsRead MoreAdolescent Depression And Its Effects1339 Words   |  6 Pageshelps me understand the results or tragic outcomes which made me value this issue. Providing me with graphs, rates, discussions and informing me with important information about adolescent depression. The information authors provided me answered me many questions I had and laid out information that help me prove my point of adolescent issue. However my target is to prove that depression in adolescents is a serious issue because it is evolving everyday leading to discouragement, internal conflictRead MoreCyber Bullying And Its Effects On Society1537 Words   |  7 PagesBullying has been going on for generations, it’s not a new topic. That doesn’t mean times haven’t changed. New technology has made it possible for people to bully one another without even having to be near them. This is called â€Å"Cyber Bullyingâ₠¬ . Teens are turning electronic devices into â€Å"weapons† by using social networking websites, chat rooms, text messaging, and even more ways possible. Through this they call each other names, demean each other, and even threaten each other. Kids are put in seriousRead MoreBullying Is Not New, And It?1638 Words   |  7 Pagespicked on. However, when does it come to the point of bullying? The topic of bullying is not new, and it happens to more teenagers than what we would like to think. Bullying can be defined as verbal, emotional, or physical abuse by means of threatening, intimidating, or frightening someone smaller or weaker than the aggressor. Bullying can also involve exclusion, such as a group of friends forming a clique and excluding others from their group. Bullying can be a hidden disease viciously preying on itsRead MoreBullying As An Acceptable Schoolyard1486 Words   |  6 PagesWhen people say â€Å"bully†, the image of the mean kid on the playground who wants to take your lunch money or force you to do their homework comes to mind. However, this perception of bullying as an acceptable schoolyard â€Å"rite of passage† is incredibly antiquated and hardly encompasses the seriousness of the issue that â€Å"bullying† has become. Bullies today are much crueler; they may carry weapons on school campuses, and thanks to social media, can follow the victim into their homes. In some of the most extremeRead MoreNegative And Negative Impact s Of Bullying Essay951 Words   |  4 Pagesnature of bullying presents some challenges to accurately determining either its prevalence or severity. Both the positive and negative social interactions of school aged children may be misinterpreted by peers or by education professionals. Additionally, victims and perpetrators of bullying may be less likely to provide truthful responses to research inquiries out of fear of retaliation from peers or school personnel. In spite of these challenges, numerous recent studies on bullying have producedRead MoreBullying in School Should Not be Taken Lightly Essay1709 Words   |  7 Pages Among all of the problems, bullying is likely to be the most serious and probably the worst. Statistics show that one in seven children in grades K-12 have either been bullied or are a bully. It’s likely that the issue of bullying is most common among teens. It is said that 30% of teens have been involved in bullying, as either the bully or the victim . Bullying is also common in the college and workplaces but it is now where as serious as teen bullying. This bullying is sort of taken lightly, itRead MoreNegative Effects Of Social Media1738 Words   |  7 Pagesof cyber bullying, unrealistic body images, pressure to look a certain way and the pressure to always be available and our youth is showing serious repercussions of the social media world that we are living in. Teen’s unawareness of just how much power social media has over their lives is terrifying and dangerous. Multiple studies conducted help us to realize how social media can impact large issues such as eating disorders, self-esteem issues, depression, and other psychological issues (2014).

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